Adventures can be around the world or can be around my own state. It can be for a few months, for a few days and even for a few hours. Time or money cannot be constrained, if I have an adventure in your mind – my experience regarding the adventure revealed this truth to me. I started dreaming about long adventurous projects but found the constraints. They finally shortened the adventure timing of mine, leaving the adventurous mind at my soul. I gradually developed a new plan and started going through regular adventures.

adventure on regular basis

Managing an adventure on a regular basis

I started by adventurous life cycling around the world. However, it took a long time to complete the adventure and arrangement, I had to make for such adventurous tours really gave me loads of trouble. However, I took the lesson from there and planned to break down the same trip in my own nation and territory. For the second case, I didn’t even need the money or an extra bit of time. I made out a simple way for the total work – Getting out of your office at 5 and roaming about in the city or outskirt areas and made fun of my friends. Money never became a constraint at that point, since I was already engaged in your job.

I searched places using my instinct

Searching for the right placer for adventure is not so easy. I started dreaming about a dream sleep on nature’s slap – that was my instinct and my inspiration as well. I searched for a place to sleep outside under the stars. I spotted new places each day and started enjoying the habit. A few things were necessary for such activities. I just collected those and made the list fancy enough to carry. I got back to my home after leaving from office at 5, packed my bags, took out my cycle and got out searching for the places, where I can sleep well.

I searched places using my instinct

Weekend adventures

I tried out the weekend adventures also. I did not scheduled those from the beginning days of my adventures and decided the same with my friends for such places and met them at some open-air adventurous nature’s concert. The thing I kept in mind was to keep the trip night long. I managed to reach there at the time of sunset with my friends – had foods and drinks, enjoyed a merry sleep under the sky and come back to the job the next morning. It did not even ask for some extra, but at the same time were perfectly entertaining for me. To me, adventure gives the necessary oxygen of life. That is why I managed to go for an adventure every day – enjoyed my sleep and rejoin my work – getting my heart’s thrill tank refilled within every 24 hours.

Things to carry

Once, I planned my mini-adventures, I felt the need for the things to be carried for the trips. I usually kept simple things that are easy to carry – this is the secret of the regular adventurers. kept necessary ingredients like a sleeping bag, foods, drinks, and rain protection clothes and wears and finally a bivvy bag – ready on my cycle. I always carried with me a camp mat and torch too. Camp mat protected me from the swamps, where I might have to sleep and torch to track myself at night.

Thus, I made things simple and straightforward. Fun always remained with me, all the time. Still now, I manage my time and go for the adventures. It didn’t ask me enough monetary support or time support – they cannot be any sort of constraint for me and for my adventure.