Ayurveda has long acknowledged that the environment has the power to heal and restore. Here is how-

Everything that effects living beings is ‘an environment’. It is said that “a man is nothing but a product of his environment”. It is interwoven relationship of “Nature and Nurture”. The literature on ancient Ayurveda system throws much light on the healthy environment, must for the wellbeing of human beings in its totality i.e., in body, mind, and soul.

Wind, Water, and Fire:

Ayurveda: Ayur- life Veda- knowledge is a Sanskrit word. It is an ancient system of Hindu medicine which transforms the human body for betterment by numerous ways example herbal remedies, fasting, bathing, special diets, massage, prayers, yoga etc. the system of yoga says that all the above factors coupled with clean wind, water, and obnoxious smoke free Agni (fire), which are actually the healthy environment in literal sense are an integral part of robust development of human body.

A Symbolic Relationship:

Not only this, there is a close symbolic relationship of Ayurveda with the environment. To say it in other words, one is a supplement to each other. As we know, the food we take has the direct bearing upon over bodies. Ayurveda guides us to take specific food taking in consideration the prevailing environment in and around us which further nourishes our bodies. So intimate and strong is this relationship that one is incomplete without the other.

Ayurvedic medicines are obtained from herbs which are grown in the vicinity of human dwellings. People take advantage of these medicines and keep them away from certain diseases. This again highlights the close relationship of Ayurveda with mother earth i.e., the environment in its broader sense. Ignorance of growing herbs and drawing ayurvedic medicine from them in an environment not conducive to the herbs grown can lead sometimes to negative results. Hence, the importance of the suitable environment. Our responsible conscious is must for pollution free environment, with greenery all around us for further physical development, all the world over.

Ayurveda Ayur life Veda knowledge

The Power of Rejuvenation:

Ayurveda and environment are the only two aspects which can provide further better health services free from life diseases. How the environment (nature) plays a vital role in human development has also been observed experimentally.  Two infants- identical twins were reared in different environments, to know the effect of these environments on the newborns. To one twin infant “conducive excellent environment” was provide and another twin was placed in a bad, unhygienic and furious type of environment. As they grow old it was observed:

  1. the twin who was given a healthy environment grew as a“sober, saintly, god fearing, robust personality”


  1. The twin with bad environment grew as a furious, ill-tempered, bad looking, and criminal personality”

That is, how the environment shapes the human personality and its physical development- a connection of Nature and Nurture.  The Ayurvedic ambit plays a vital role in restoring your lost connection with nature and it charges your body batteries and brings you back on the high pedestals of life- to keep your body away from stress and strains of life.

To conclude, once again it is voiced loudly that Ayurveda and environment are closely knit aspects which continuously have an enormous impact on our health.  They are of great influential importance for our sound health, mind, and bodies.

So make our environment nonhazardous, smoke-free, non-polluted, and greener for a healthy lifestyle.

Hope to listen positively from your side- on this vital issue..!!

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