Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh has its own charm and uniqueness. This place is a perfect blend of Hindu and Muslim culture when it comes to food. Taste The Nawabi Food of Bhopal. It carries a special fragrance which you cannot be experienced at any other place. From the famous Biryani to the Keema or the Rogan Josh, everything found here has a peculiar taste which is relished by the tourist. People from far off places visit this place just to experience the ShahiAndaaz of Bhopal.

If we talk about food lovers, they are always keen on trying local dishes to know what the place is really about. Specifically for Bhopal city, it is a mixture of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes, which are equally loved by the people who visit this amazing city. But, if we consider what makes Bhopal a food lover’s paradise, it is, of course, the Non-Vegetarian dishes. They have a particular Nawabi taste which is loved by people. So let us discuss some of the most authentic and mouthwatering dishes of Bhopal that you must relish during your next trip:

Seekh Kabab:

Seekh Kabab

Sekh Kabab of this region is loved by people as they are made soft like jelly. It does not require you to chew. The preparation of dish is done using minced chicken or mutton and then coriander paste is added to it. Even spices, fresh green chilies, coriander, garlic cloves, garam masala and onion flakes are added which make it all the more amazing.

Achari Ghost:

Achari Ghost

As the name suggests this is a preparation that is high on spices, just like a pickle. Achar Ghost has a unique flavor which you won’t experience in any part of India. This dish is made using chicken and many spices and pickles are added to it. The garnishing of this dish is done beautifully which make it all the more admirable. This is a spicy dish which you can relish with bread.



When we think about trying food in Bhopal, we cannot miss our hands on keema which is minced meat. It is cooked in different ways according to the choice of person and it is simply delicious. People who visit Bhopal, make Keema a part of their meal at least once a day.

Keema Pulao:

Keema Pulao

You might have tried various Biryani in different parts of India, but, KeemaPulav in Bhopal is a must try. Keema Pulao is made by using minced meat along with Basmati rice and several other spices. It is served with a salad plus a coriander curd which is definitely the best combination. It has beautiful decoration which attracts a lot of public.

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Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is another dish which we can’t miss out in Bhopal. It has a magical aroma which enhances its flavor when eaten with a Naan. It has a thick curry which is made by adding dry fruits, spices, and many other ingredients. Rogan Josh is actually cooked for a long time, to make it more delicious.

Biryani Pilaf

Biryani Pilaf

Biryani Pilaf is another dish which is a unique one. In this keema, chicken etc. are added but the main ingredient in this dish is ghee plus cream which make it a perfect Nawabi dish. This is a specialty of Bhopal which you cannot afford to miss.



Jalebi, Rabri, and Faluda are quite famous in Bhopal. The creamy taste of Rabri is loved by visitors. Jalebi is freshly prepared and cooked in Ghee which is heavy to digest but at the same time, you cannot resist it. Even Faluda is loved by the visitors.

Thus to conclude, Nawabi andaaz of Bhopal is loved by visitors and for the food lovers it is a must visit a place.