Lucknow which is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh is quite famous among the people. From the Lucknow Nawaazi to the amazing suits, you can experience all of here. The people of Lucknow have a world of their own where you can experience everything. Talking about the food, Lucknow is known as the khazaana of khana. You can taste a number of dishes here which are simply mouthwatering. Once tried, you cannot resist eating them. Given below are some food items which you must try in Lucknow.

Lucknow Biryani

The biryani served in Lucknow is famous all over the world. From the street biryani to the five stars, they have that typical Nawabi taste which one must experience. The aura of Biryani will definitely make you go WOW!! Even the gravy served with it is quite rich in taste.

Tunday Kabab

Lucknow is the kebab town where you can taste the variety of Kebabs. The best among all is the Tunday Kebab which is simply amazing. They just melt in your mouth and I bet you cannot just have one. They are prepared with special herbs and are simply amazing.

Rogan Josh

The famous Mutton Rogan Josh is best in Lucknow. The gravy is made using dry fruits and the mutton is cooked in the low flame for long 7 to 8 hours which makes it soft and adds the best juicy taste to it. The Rogan Josh is served with Rumali Roti which makes it all the more a foodie’s delight.


This dish is mostly made on order as it takes long hours to be cooked. Two people cannot have it as its quite huge, so if you are a bunch of people do try it as it has a great taste which cannot be explained in words.

Galawati Kebab

These kebabs simply melt in your mouth as they are so tender. It is made using minced meat and unripe papaya. These are so delicious that you will keep on having until somebody stops you. It is served with spicy mint chutney and mayonnaise.



Lucknow has something for the vegetarians too. The TokriChaat or the Basket Chaat is simply marvelous. The crispy basket with a filling of sewaiyan curd, chutneys, papadi and such stuff is mouthwatering. You can have this dish at all the streets of Lucknow as it is quite famous.



This is kind of uncommon dish but you will actually love it once you taste it. This special naan is sweet to taste and is cooked in tandoor and is quite a crispy one. It has the flavor of saffron too which adds a rich taste to it.


KulfiAnother dish which you must try here is the Kulfi which is rich in taste and soft. It has a great creamy flavor with adequate sweetness which is loved by the people. You have an option of choosing Faluda too. This is also available in every corner of the road. So don’t forget to try it once.

Lucknawi Paan

Lucknawi Paan

You cannot finish your meal till you taste the scrumptious Lucknawi Paan. It is mouth freshening and actually the best dish to try. It has a great flavor and is beautifully presented all over the Lucknow. It has a cherry on the top which looks all the more fascinating.

So if you are among the food lovers and your vacation is all about trying unique dishes, then Lucknow is a perfect destination. From all the flavors to the amazing monuments all can be experienced at this place. So plan a trip and experience the Lucknow Nawaazi.

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