The Best Packing List For Your Next Adventure and Hiking Trip


It is the holiday season. You need to start packing and gear up for a fun-filled and exciting new experience. As most experienced travelers can tell you, the key to a successful trip depends a lot on the first step – packing. Packing is an art of choosing just the right amount of things to take with you; not too much that it causes a burden to transport and definitely not too little that it forces you to buy essentials at exorbitant prices. This article focuses on all the essentials you need during your hiking trip.

The backpack

Never cut corners when selecting a backpack for a hiking trip. You will have to wear your pack throughout the trek. An ill-fitting bags can dig into your shoulders and cause harm. When shopping for your backpack, choose bags that offer comfort as well as space. Keep in mind the kind of trips you plan on going, be it single-day versus multi-day trips, the number of companions and factor these parameters into your decision. If you are considering going on a road trip, you should consider buying bigger backpacks to carry all your belongings. These can be secured on roof racks Adelaide atop your car for convenience. For hiking and trekking trips, look for sturdy, durable bags that you can carry easily.

First Aid Kit

Regardless of the kind of trip, carrying a first aid kit is a must. Even when you follow all the safety measures to the dot, accidents can happen. When packing your first aid kit, make sure to include bandages, cotton, burn medicine, wound cleaning agents, and gauze pads. With these in hand, you are equipped to handle most minor injuries.


Bringing your electronic gadgets are a must in this current age. A smartphone can provide you with a map, a playlist, and constant communication and suggestions. If you are driving, purchase a phone mount to view the map safely. Carry a power bank to keep your devices charged on the go. If you are carrying multiple electronic devices, make sure your backpack is waterproof.

Layered Clothing

Packing for a hiking trip requires carrying appropriate clothing for all kinds of weather. As the weather conditions change quickly during a hike, layered clothing is the way to go. Start with a tank top and shorts during summer but also carry raincoats and jackets for the cold. Ensure that all of the clothes you bring along are not restrictive.  Always pack a few sets of clothing more than the required amount in case of emergencies. For cooler weather, carry woolen gloves, beanies, and thermal underwear. Outside of these, remember to carry a set of pajamas and multiple pairs of socks.

Vehicle essentials

When on a road trip, do not forget to carry a few extra items specifically for your vehicle. The following are a few of the items you should consider when packing,

  • Your driver’s license
  • An AUX cord to listen to tunes when traveling with companions.
  • A power inverter to use as a source of power supply for your electronics
  • A spare tire in case of emergencies
  • A steering wheel lock for better security
  • If traveling by motorcycle, make sure you get a nudge bar or a bull bar installed for safety for off-road ventures.


Comfortable boots

When on an adventurous trip, packing comfortable shoes is a must. As a beginner, picking the right shoes can be downright confusing. For hiking adventurers, purchase hiking boots that have good reviews and fit well. You can also consider running shoes for treks and road trips. If your ankles are weak, consider high-cut hiking boots for extra support. We recommend Obuz Sawtooth hiking shoes. For every purchase of Obuz Sawtooth shoes, the company plants a tree. Run repeat also highly recommends these shoes for great fitting and comfort. An ill-fitting shoe can cause blisters, swelling, and aches in the sole. A good shoe can make all the difference to your trip.

Outside of these, the following are a few other items to consider packing based on the specifics of your trip,

  • A sleeping bag – For trips that require camping outdoors, a sleeping bag is essential.
  • Reusable water bottle and water filter – On trips that take you far from cities, you will require a water bottle. You can refill the bottle at rivers or streams. To ensure that the water is drinkable, use portable water filters and sterilization drops.
  • Sunscreen – For trips in summer, carry sunscreen and protective clothing (such as sunglasses and a hat) to prevent burns. Keep yourself hydrated at all times to prevent sunstrokes.
  • Snacks – Carry healthy energy-giving snacks such as nuts and protein bars to keep you going between meals.
  • Camera – You are bound to see some scenic views on your trip. Invest in a good smartphone or camera to capture these moments forever.
  • Medicines – Carry medicines for common cold, flu, and allergies.

When planning a trip, start preparing for all the items you will need to carry well in advance. Talk to friends and bloggers who have visited the same area and ask for guidelines and information specific to that route. A well-planned trip goes a long way in ensuring the success of your vacation. Most of all, remember to have fun throughout the trip, even during the packing process.

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