Ten Things You Would Be Amazed To Know About Indian Railways


India has one of the largest railway system in the world and even Indians knew very little about it. Indian railway system operates extensively covering more than three times the distance between earth and moon, every day.

Do you want to know more amazing facts about the Indian railways? Here are the top ten things to start with.

  1. The first train of India ran its maiden trip on 16th of April of 1853 between Bombay (today’s Mumbai) and Thane. The first rail road was constructed by Indians, Shunker seth and Jeejeebhoy.
  2. The total tracks of the Indian railways can circle the world along the equator, 1.5 times. These tracks are used to commute more than 25 million travelers every day.
  3. Indian railways are a government owned monopoly, which is the 9th largest employer of the world, hiring 1.6 million people in total.
  4. When a train stops at a station during the journey, are you irritated? Well, you should never take the Howrah-Amritsar Express. The train has around 115 stops between the two destinations.
  5. The Guinness Book Record for holding the largest route interlocking system goes to New Delhi Station. This station is also the first one in India to have computer reservation process in 1986. The mobile application for ticket booking in India did not start before 2014.
  6. How long can you wait for a train? On an average, the travelers of Guwahati- Trivandrum Express wait for 10-12 hours. It is the train with the longest delay in the Indian railway system.
  7. There are more than 7500 stations in the country. There are only 4000 cities and towns in the country.
  8. The highest railway bridge of the world is located in India over Chenab. It is taller than Eiffel Tower.
  9. The fastest train of the country is the Shatabdi Express running at 91 km per hour and the slowest train is the Nilgiri toy train running at an average of 10 km per hour.
  10. The oldest locomotive of the country, Fairy Queen is now a heritage luxury train. There are numerous other luxury trains in the country like Palace on Wheels and others, today. Have a look what is the fare of Palace on Wheels?

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amazing facts about the Indian

No amount of facts can generate the real feel of travelling in the Indian trains. Book a ticket and relax while the tracks take you along the cultural landscapes of the region.

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