Meghalaya has become a very hot tourist destination in the past few years and people prioritize this place to visit when they want to explore the northeastern states of India. This place is full of natural beauty and it is so aesthetic that it leaves one spellbound.

If one us planning for a relaxing and serene holiday destination, then Meghalaya can sit perfectly to that plan. Here are some major places that one should not miss when they are in Meghalaya.

Mawlynnong Village, Shillong

It is a very popular village in Meghalaya and this place has been labeled as the cleanest village in Asia. So, when one is in Meghalaya, this place is a must visit. Here, one can find roads that are totally garbage free and the rural huts look beautifully placed in the village. One can also pay a visit to the popular Mawlynnong waterfall which is nearby and the nature around it is beautiful. Here, one has to set its foot to the living root bridge because it is a very popular tourist destination here. Those who have an interest in archaeology might find this place to be of special interest.

Double Decker Living Root Bridge, Cherapunjee

This is located just in the heart of the place which faces the highest rainfall in India. People from all the corners of the world come here to visit this particular place so that they can get a look at the living root bridges. The bridge is actually located at the Nongriahat Village and one needs to trek till there to reach the bridge. There are approximately 2000 steps that one needs to cross and they are very slippery. One can take help from a cane so that they can get a proper grip whole climbing and do not fall down.


Laitlum Canyon, Shillong

This is said to be the ideal trekker’s destination in Meghalaya. One needs to try this trekking route because it is the most popular one here. Also, the good thing about it is, this route can be easily completed if one follows the proper guidelines. It is said that normally it takes not more that 4 to 5 hours to complete this trek route. When one reaches the top they can get to see an entire 360 degree view of the place and it is breathtakingly beautiful. If possible, one can also reach till the Lwai Falls by trekking.

Lalong Park, Jowai

It is a place which is located approximately 10 kilometres from Jowai and here one can take a break to relax after completing a trek. This place is full of lush greeneries and the view from the river Myndtu is absolutely beautiful. If one wants, they can also go for fishing in the nearby lake.

So, when in Meghalaya, these places are needed to be explored and one can easily reach there by booking train tickets online as they are easily available at IRCTC. For train food parcel one can also book their food from the catering services they offer.