So you can already see that the long weekend is just about to knock the door. You are just so excited that you would get to spend some quality time with your family but confused that where are you going to take them for a nice weekend so you all could enjoy as a family. Well here are some of the most amazing places which would be equally good for and every member of the family.

Banff, Canada

Banff, Canada

Canada is getting the popularity each day and it is growing with the tick of the clock. The country is already making it easier with its programs like Quebec investor immigration plan to let the people from all around the world enter the country. Few of the countries are such which have the year round appeal and Banff is one such city. It is located in Alberta and it is one of the most popular ones when it comes to natural beauty. It has a lot of variety starting from skiing to snow-shoeing and even mountain hiking, you could be doing a lot of fun and adventurous things with your family. The best thing about this place is that you won’t feel that you are stuck in an over-crowded place.

Cape Verde Islands

Well, can you even think that you would be getting a blend of African, Brazilian and Iberian mix all in one single place? This is a place which is blessed with amazing weather and scenery. The islands are off the west coast of Africa which is now becoming an exotic vacation destination.

The 10 island Atlantic archipelago is around 570 km west of Dakar which is the mixes of beautiful beaches and consists of outdoor adventure which has a unique homegrown culture and it has been there since the 15th century.

BotumSakor National Park, Cambodia

You would find this place across the southwestern corner on Cambodia and it is the largest national park in the country which has a beauty of its own. It is an ecosystem which ranges from the dense evergreen rainforest to the grasslands and coastal plains.

There is a 700 square mile area which homes to the country’s largest population of Asian elephants who are adorably cute and not just that but you would find small villages with waterfalls, rare birds and saltwater crocs there. I mean does it get better than this?



Valletta is the capital of Malta and it is known to be the capital culture of 2018. It is located between Italy and Tunisia and it exists at basically the crossroads which makes it even more mesmerizing. You can catch a 20-minute bus ride and you will feel like you have seen entire ancient Greece and the Middle East. You can even grab a bowl of Sardinian style pasta as a snack to eat while you are on the road.

And since you will be there then why wouldn’t you want to go and experience Venice which is one thing that couldn’t be taken off from the list.


This is the destination which is considered to be Europe’s one of the most talked about locations. More and more visitors have started to visit this place and they just can’t seem to ignore it becase the place is filled with amazing scenery, rich history, the incredible value of money that you will get at this place and then the best part is that there would be lots and lots of cheese. The city has two national parks which offer winter sports and also summer escapes in the form of epic mountain scenery.


If you are someone who has always been a history freak and wanted to explore and relive those historical moments then this is the place for you. Alexander Hamilton was born in the island Nevis, most of the people don’t know this place well but it’s larger twin St. Kitts. Nevis has been spared from the damage of hurricanes and it still is filled with its beautiful white sand beaches that tourist from all around the globe come and experience. It is a simpler and quieter part of the island.

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