Scandinavia left me mesmerised with some of the best spots I visited of the place. It is truly no less than the jewels. It makes Scandinavia one of the shining stars of my Nordic tour. These hidden jewels are a must visit if you are in Scandinavia.

Discovery of the hidden gems in the Scandinavia Tour

The watery wonders of Stockholm

The Stockholm archipelago is known for its magical waterways the beautiful buildings. I went on to the Stockholm discovery cruise and this antique steamboat took me through the city in style as I passed along the elegant cottages and arrived at the Lake Malaren. The tour was mesmerising passing through the vibrant 17th century gothic look city through the clear waters.


I experienced the traditional Nordic style of life at the Nordic fishing villages and strolled around the largest renaissance place in Scandinavia on my way it the Rivera. It was indeed a unique scenic experience I had. It was truly exploring the historical culture of Norway. It seemed as if the history pages had become alive.

The Norway mountains

As I crossed the border into Norway on the way to Lom, I was awe-struck by the snow caped Jotunheimen Mountains. This panoramic nature’s view is rare to find and the 12th century wooden church near it was legendry with carvings of dragon.

The arctic adventures

This was indeed my favourite journey in scandanavia. The voyage of the place was soul stirring as I passed from the icy landscapes to reach the world’s north most fishing village. I had opted for an Ultimate Arctic Adventure cruise and this 90 minute journey was hair- raising. The view of the amazing myriad of Arctic wildlife, puffins, gannets, guillemots sand eagles left me awe-struck. I enjoyed this scenic beautiful and mesmerising cruise with a super-hot cup of hot chocolate to soothe the winter chills.

Hear the sounds of Scandinavia

Every place has its own looks, feel and sound too. You should definitely make it a point to visit the house where the great Romantic completer wrote his acclaimed sonatas to experience the sound of Scandinavia and Norway too. The guided tours took me through the villa and I could experience Greg’s finest work, and got a chance to even marvel at Bergen’s breath-taking views. The funicular railways available there took me up the hills of the city for this amazing view.

These places in Scandinavian is a must to uncover. They are truly the jewels of the place which lets you experience joy, and the true culture of the place. Scandinavia is known for its cosy and romantic environment. These placers will make you truly fall in love with Scandinavia itself. The trip would not have been complete for me if I hadn’t discovered with much efforts these less popular but truly amazing spots in my Nordic tour to Scandinavia.

Be it a planned visit or an unplanned once, these jewels are worth a discovery once in your lifetime. You can hire a Europe DMC to visit these best places of Scandinavia.

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