Important Lens Care Tips For Traveler While Travelling


Wearing a contact lens while travelling can nervous anyone, especially for new wearers. Because managing contacts at home are one thing and managing onboard seems to be completely different. As you never want airlines forcing you to discard your lens solution or to miss contacts before flying. Both situations can create the worst situations.

Now, do not worry. If you plan a big trip then keep reading this write-up till the end. You will get tips to handle contact lenses while travelling:

Consult with Optometrist before flying
Do not forget prescription
Always travel with contact lens case
Disposable contact lenses are easy to handle
Order online from where you are!!
Carry on Travel Size solution bottle
Keep contacts organizes and Labeled
Drink plenty of water

Consult with Optometrist Before Flying

The best way to eliminate all travelling issues is to consult with your optometrist at least a month before. He or she will guide you everything about lenses and of course, issues arise during and after travelling. The proper remedial actions can help to solve all problems before arise. In addition, he/she can guide you about the best contact lenses for travelling. You can either order them online or buy retail stores. 

Do not Forget Prescription

Prescription is the most important document in your hand. It is also called a valid proof by doctors that you are using or can use particular eye vision contact lenses. Prescription also protects you in case something misshapen happens with you during travelling like luggage got exchanged or misplaced. Keep in mind, if you are travelling to the UK or Paris, these countries drug stores do not attend people without a valid prescription. Even if you want to order online, you need a valid prescription to buy contact lenses online.

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Always Travel with Contact Lens Case

A contact lens case stores all your contact lens items. Like a small case to store lenses in different boxes and lens solution. This one place storage helps you to find and uses lenses anytime and anywhere. But, do not forget to put this lens case into carrying bag. As it walks with you all the way compared to checked luggage. If you find a tight carrying bag, it’s ok to add some other items in luggage suitcase to reduce weight.

Disposable contact lenses are easy to handle

If you want a comfortable and convenient trip, switch on to daily disposable contact lenses. The daily disposable lenses eliminate the hassle of drying and irritation from extended contacts. The wearer also gets a benefit of storing and cleaning lenses every time after removal. The one quick solution use and throw are perfect for lines and eyes care. Simply, you need to through a pair at the end of the day and next morning get ready to use a brand new piece. 

The best part of using daily changing lenses is that wearer never sticks to care, packing and making extra space in the bag for proper storing. But, before travelling consult with your doctor, which brand will be most suitable for in daily disposable lenses.

Order online from where you are!!

If you are carrying daily disposable lenses, carrying extra lenses in a bag is a good idea. But, if you are unable to do so due to several reasons ordering lenses online always ready to help you. Some quality and authentic websites like 888lens contact lens online Singapore always found ready to help from all part of the world. Online stores offer you all top-class branded contact lenses at affordable price. So, you can easily order lenses to your hotel room. This will also eliminate your headache of travelling and looking for your brand in a nearby contact lens retail market.

Carry on Travel Size solution bottle

While travelling, if you want to reduce luggage weight, the best way is to buy things in traveller size. In this range, travel size contact lenses solutions are the perfect choice for users. It was also observed that some new contact lenses wearer shift large bottle solution into a smaller bottle to shrink its size. Keep in mind, putting a solution in another bottle can affect its sterilization. Therefore, the rest solution is nothing more than water. Remember, there is a travel size solution bottle is available in the market at every drug store. Buying them can reduce space in the bag as well as its quality won’t get affected.

Keep Contacts Organizes and Labeled

There are high chances of mixing and matching lenses, especially if you are wearing different prescriptions in each eye. Therefore, it is essential to always label your lenses and set them in while travelling or in a hotel in an organized manner. You can also mark them differently or put a different sign for each lens to differentiate them. 

Drink plenty of water

Yes, drinking water while travelling may seem strange but true. Remember, while travelling normally people drink less water, as a result, it directly affects their eyes. These turn into dry and start irritating. Therefore, it is essential to moisturize your eyes with water. So do not leave your plan of drinking Wight glasses of water while travelling. And carry extra eye drops to keep eyes moisturized and healthy.

Keeps your Hand Clean

Contact lens wearer always knows the importance of hands cleaning every time they wear. But, while travelling sometimes misses hands cleaning and tries to change the lens. Bear in mind, it can prove to be the biggest blunder in your life. It can cause red and irritated eyes due to contact with germs. Therefore, it is essential for every traveller to carry a water bottle and hand sanitizer with them. Only after cleaning hands, replace contact lens for eye protection. Note: this is only an emergency solution until you get a place to wash hands. 

Just because you are travelling with contact lenses, do not assume travelling can be stressful. Following the above-mentioned tips can help you to travel and enjoy journey care-free!!!

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