Split to Dubrovnik is a popular travel route as it links two of Croatia’s finest historic cities that are littered with countless attractions. Here’s how you can get from one town to the other and vice versa:

Travelling by bus or car

There are many daily buses travelling to Dubrovnik from Split with the usual route passing via Makarska and through the 22.5 kilometer Neum corridor that extends into Bosnia and Herzegovina. For this part of the journey, you’ll need to have your passport with you to successfully navigate checkpoints along this stretch. During ordinary days, a bus to Dubrovnik takes no more than 5 hours although that period could be significantly longer during the peak season where traffic is high. A one-way ticket for the trip is priced at 125 Kuna.

Alternatively, you could hire a car in Split and drive the distance yourself via the A1 motorway- you’ll to pay 55 kunas in toll fees- or the longer more scenic coastal route. Whichever path you take, be sure to have your travel documents and passport with you.

Taking the ferry

A pair of ferry companies plies the Split to Dubrovnik route namely Jadrolinija and Kapetan Luka with the waterway featuring a number of foot passenger catamarans.

The first company i.e. Jadrolinija operates only one exclusively foot passenger catamaran that arrives in Dubrovnik at 9 PM local time after departing at a quarter to 4 PM. If you plan on making the trip to and back in one day, this option proves highly convenient as you can squeeze in two trips and still have enough time to spare in Split as there is an early schedule for 7:15 AM that makes the return trip at 15:45 PM. A one-way ticket for this daily trip will set you back 200 kunas.


Kapetan Luka, on the other hand, has two passenger catamarans traversing two different routes. The first passes through Brac, Hvar, and Mljet while the other option encompasses Makarska, Korcula and Brac. Either route will take you about five hours with both tickets (one-way) also priced at 200 Kuna. The former is operational every single day from May through to October while the latter passenger vessel runs from June to the start of September.

You can get tickets for ferry rides at the Split port offices or you can book them in advance on the similarly-named websites of the two respective companies.

You also have the option of a private transfer

Private transfer is an excellent way to get from Dubrovnik to Split as you can relax while an experienced company takes care of travel and accommodation nitty gritty. It is probably your safest bet at a hassle-free and convenient journey.

Taking the plane

Flights to Split from Dubrovnik are few and far between with commercial airlines making the trip just once a week. It is therefore of the essence to ensure that you time your arrival to coincide with the available date of travel if you aim to catch a flight. Conversely, you could book a seat on a private plane which will naturally be more costly. Split is just 40 minutes away by air and flight services are provided by affordable operator Trade Air.

You now have all the information you need to travel to either town and back without a problem.

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