Human has the power to select what is right and what should be condemned in life. This power has been granted to us by Allah Almighty and this power not only guides us towards the development of faith and fate but also defines your constant love and affection for our religion and ethnicity. There is no humanity without religion and the gateway to the valley of life and heaven derives from the religious aspect we select a path toward our final destination.  But still, we need to know what are the major thinking which Islam prevails in the religious acts which are implemented on us from the Islamic Code of conduct

Enhancing Truth And Discouraging Dishonesty

Islam is the religion which enhances the respect and discourages the betrayal. The salah and prayer we offer during our life teach us the lesson of prosperity and affiliation with one god and one routine. If we follow the same rule in our lives and stick to only one decision and one-person betrayal could be eliminated.

Helping Poor To Prevail Humanity

With the routine of Zakat, the money is revolved in the whole society. The sacred beliefs of the Muslims make this possible to give the money to poor this way money could be utilized for the welfare of the poor. Zakat is the obvious obligation which needs to be performed such as Hajj and Umrah.

Provoking Self Hygiene

When we prepare our self for Salah we do ablution this is the process of keeping the hygiene routine five times a day. When the lucky people will get the change to do Hajj 2019 or Umrah then you will recognize that the importance of hygiene in Ihram is also very important and all the Muslims gathered there will follow the exact same rule.

Epitome of Equality

While performing Hajj 2019 those people who will get the chance to visit the most prosper place on earth will also get a chance to see the epitome of equality as well when people around the different [parts of the world will come together to perform Hajj and stand together of offering prayers as well. There will be no discrimination as Islamic laws prefer the balance and provoke equity. For Allah, only good deeds will make a human superior, not money, fame or class.

Above were only a few examples of divine guidance which was given to Muslims by Allah through Islam, these rules are for the betterment of whole humanity without ethnic discrimination by Allah.

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