Are your visiting Kathmandu region? You should not miss the Lalitpur area (Patan). The biggest landmark of this area is the Patan Durbar Square. The region holds numerous attractions like temples, ancient structures, shops and much more. It is not a very large region and can be scaled within an hour or two. Here are the top destinations to cover around the Patan Durbar Square.

Golden Temple

Unlike the name, the structure has nothing to do with gold nor temple. It is a monastery located on the western side of the Square. The monastery is not religiously operating today as a monastery and is an important tourist attraction in, Patan Nepal for all kinds of tourists. The gates to the temple are noticeably small. You can find many locals meditating by lighting butter lamps. You can find prayer wheels, ancient bells, sculptures and many more. You are allowed to stay for a while to meditate or explore the structure like a tourist.

Mahabuddha Temple

Also called the temple of thousand Buddha, this temple is located on the road called Mangal Bazaar. If you walk towards the temple, you will reach a water tank with three spouts. It is called as Sundhara. It is an important part of the temple. Take right next to the tank to reach the temple. Walk through the decorated gateway of the temple to enter into an alley filled with shops. After you walk past the shops, you will get to the 17th-century temple.

The temple is made with terracotta tiles and has numerous Buddha statues lined outside the temple. This temple’s structure was inspired by India’ Mahabodhi Temple. Right behind the main temple, you will find a smaller temple. It is said that after the 1934 earthquake, the main temple was damaged. With donations, the main temple was built again. With the spare parts lying around, the smaller temple was built and now, it looks like a jigsaw puzzle.

Rudravarna Mahavihar

Once you get out of Mahabuddha temple, you will see Rudravarna Mahavihar temple on the right. This old monastery belongs to the 13th century. Today, it is not operating as a monastery, but as an important tourist attraction. It is built in Japanese style with ornate courtyard, shrine and much more. The doors of this temple are built with gold. You can find many prayer wheels around the temple to spin.

Architectural sightseeing and religious visits are important elements of the Square. However, the Square is basically a shopping center. Visit the shops to buy copperware, brass articles, metal items, stone jewelry, textile, handicrafts and much more. If possible bring a local guy who can haggle for you in the local language. Do not end with these structures alone. There are numerous other stupas and other ancient monuments around the Square, which you can find with a little exploration.

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