The dazzling face of China portrays the ultra-modern lifestyle, audacious city life, high rising skyscrapers, advanced technology, and rich culture. A notable number of tourists from across the globe who visits China, are flocking to the ancient country to experience its civilization, culture, and tradition perhaps catch a glimpse of its bright future. The world’s oldest continuous civilization is no one-trick pony and when you are not exploring the artifacts and antique remains, this three decades of the round-the-clock developed nation seems more bountiful with rich resources to you. The Great Wall of China, temples, languorous water towns, sublime Buddhist grottoes, villages that still carry the ancient Chinese legends and ancient desert forts- China is a land that reflects the perfect blend of modernity with antiquity.

When it comes to the vast natural landscape, China’s breathtaking picturesque view ranges from alpha to omega, from the karst landscape of Guilin and Yangshuo to the precipitous pillars in Zhangjiajie, from the colorful lakes in Jiuzhaigou to the rainbow mountain of Zhangye, China’s natural beauty is as impressive as its splendid culture. The vast and diverse territory of this magnificent land endows the country with some of the most iconic and spectacular natural beauty in the world. W3hen you visit China, you will be spoilt for choice: whether you want to be an urban traveler, hiker, explorer, backpacker, history bug, food enthusiast, adventurous, or wish to experience rural China, this country has everything in its lap to offer. Buckle up for an enticing journey to China.

Yellow Mountain or Mount Huangshan

Perched in the China’s Anhui province this mountain features numerous imposing peaks, forests of stone pillars and evergreen sturdy pines. These mystical mountain’s classic attractions that draw our attention are grand dawns and their four natural wonders- peculiar pines, oddly-shaped rocks, seas of clouds and hot springs. Considered as the sacred mountains of China, it glorifies the Yellow Emperor, the mythological founder of pre-historic China. It is crisscrossed by hiking trails and lies at the intersection of the ecosystem and within a single day, one can watch as 500-year-old pine trees give way to misty bamboo forests. Make your way to the Monkey Valley and get a glimpse of the Tibetan macaque in its natural environs.


Zhangjiaje- home to glass-bridge and precipitous pillars

Famous for its National Forest Park, Glass Bridge, Grand Canyons etc. the awestruck beauty of Zhangjiaje was first shown into the Hollywood movie Avatar. For thousands of years, this was a remote land unbeknownst to the world and was inhabited by Tujia, Miao and Bai tribes. The Grand Canyon with Glass Bridge is something you can’t miss while in there. The Yellow Dragon cave is a typical karst cave, which has been divided into dry cave and water cave.


In the 13th century, Marco Polo described this city as ‘the city of heaven’ and ‘the finest and most splendid city in the world’. Hangzhuo’s most famous attraction is West Lake. Take a stroll along the causeway by the lake and you will feel the peaceful ethos of the city. The subtropical monsoon climate contributes to varied seasonal sceneries, making the place as China’s one of the most attractive destinations.

Hong village

This nine century quaint picturesque village with enticing watery scenes round its lotus pond and bridges as well charming crafted architecture, Hong village is a must-visit place when you are on your China tour. The villagers have turned the water into house gardens and water yards, which exist only in this village.

Zhangye’sDanxia landscape- Rainbow Mountains

The park that holds the Rainbow Mountains is known as the ZhangyeDanxia Landform Geographical Park. The landscape is composed of curvy, layered, multi-hued formations, most of which are several meters high. When the sun shines on them, their color appears in full vibrancy leave you awestruck. The breathtaking view of the colorful mountains looks like someone has just oil-painted canvas and you are admiring the portrait in an open exhibition amidst nature.

There’s more than just these five magnificent places in China and when you plan your summer trip to this land, make sure you are not just enjoying the Chinese urban lifestyle, but the living the time of your life amidst nature and rural China.

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