Saying that Turkey is a land of contrasts wouldn’t be wrong. The country is straddled with two continents and bordered by eight countries. From stunning beaches to rich history to delicious food, Turkey is a perfect spot for tourists. No matter whether you are traveling alone or with your friends, family, or loved one, you will have an incredible vacation.

Regardless, you want to enjoy the nightlife, go shopping, or visit historical places, the country has a lot to offer. Turkey allows you to wander and wonder because of its numerous captivating sites. To make your Turkey trip memorable and adventurous, I have come up with a list that will help you make most of the trip to Turkey. Let’s check out the most beautiful cities in the country.

05 – Konya


Konya is one of the oldest cities in the world which is located in Turkey’s Central Anatolia Region. The large city is most popular for its phenomenal Selijuk architecture and Whirling Dervishes. During the 12th and 13th centuries, Konya was the capital city under the rule of the Seljuk Dynasty. The city still has astonishing buildings from that era like the ruins of the Seljuk Palace and Alaeddin Mosque. Also, Konya is the home of the well-known Sufi mystic, Rumi. His mausoleum is visited by thousands of people every year from all around the world. The Whirling Dervishes keep spinning around on the left foot while wearing white, billowing gowns. Apart from that, Beysehir lake is the largest freshwater lake in the globe. Hence, there is so much to visit and wonder about in this beautiful, mystical city.


Cappadocia is best known for its unusual fairytale landscape. The city is located in Central Anatolia which has unique formations that resemble cones, chimneys, and pinnacles. Over the decades, natural procedures including erosion and volcanic eruptions have sculpted these unusual formations. People from ancient era carved out churches, houses, and underground cities from the soft rock in the landscape. Later on, Christians sought refuge in these caves and tunnels. Today, some of the caves have turned into hotels and cater to travelers while others are still there with an odd yet unique sight. You can enjoy the mesmerizing overview of this beautiful city through an air balloon ride.


The vibrant, big city is nestled along the lovely Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean coastline. The city has many hotels, resorts, restaurants, and bars to give you amazing and fun experiences. Not only this, but the city also has spectacular scenery, lush green mountains, and gorgeous beaches to make your visit worth having. From mountain climbing to swimming to sailing, Antalya has a lot to offer to both locals and tourists. The city is also flooded with historical places including Roman gates, Kaleici, Clock Tower, maze-like streets, and lot more.


After Istanbul, Ankara is the most visited city by tourists. After all, it is the capital of Turkey and the second largest city of the country. It is a modern jungle city which represents western values and independence. It is famous for commercial businesses, government buildings, foreign embassies, and universities. The capital city is located in the center of the country and the Anatolia region. It is also the transportation hub which makes linkage with major Turkey destinations. The city also has Mausoleum of Ataturk, museums, lively arts, and much more.


Of course, I placed Istanbul on top! It is the largest city in Turkey which once served as the capital of the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires. Istanbul is situated in the region that connects Europe and Asia. Furthermore, it is the only city in the world that makes a connection between two continents. Whether it is about dining, historic sites, nightlife, shopping, beautiful beaches, exotic atmosphere, impressive architecture, or breathtaking sites, Istanbul never disappoints. Attractions like Grand Bazar, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Galata Tower will give you an amazing and life-long experience.

Regardless, you want to read a book of business quotes somewhere near nature, visit museums or other historical spots, catch the sunset at the beach, or simply have a stroll, you will have a great time in these beautiful cities.

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