Riding a bike is fun and it is even more fun when you are exploring new territories. Sri Lanka is one of the places in the world which demands that you travel through by bike. There are open fields and tea gardens that allow the wind to travel freely, breaking the heat of the tropics. The island has quite a lot of forests as well which contain a wide diversity of animals and plants. When you are traversing through the country on your bike, you will come across a lot of wild animals which will pave the way for a lot of good pictures.

Traveling by bike will help you meet a lot of local people, making new acquaintances and building new friendships along the way. You can get some of the best bikes on rent in Sri Lanka, whether it is the Suzuki SV650 or the KTM Duke 390. You can feel the wind rustling through your hair as you start to increase the speed of the bike on the roads, which do not have quite a lot of traffic.

Here are some of the places in Sri Lanka that you can visit on your bike:


This is one of the most famous villages in Sri Lanka. Located in the interior of the country, Ella has dense forests all around it which make the environment quite cool and windy. Biking through the countryside is a pleasant experience and it makes every penny that you have spent on the tour worthwhile. There is a viewpoint near the village which is best known for the marvelous sunset that is visible against the coast. If you are accompanied by your significant other, you can open up a bottle of Andre Champagne and take the moment in, to the fullest. You can also choose to get off your bike and hike through the trails if you wish to explore your adventure personality as well.


The ancient kingdom of Ruhuna marked this city as its capital. It is also known as Tissa by the locals and you can bike through the city and watch history come back to life. When you are biking alongside the Tissa Wewa reservoir, you will see the locals swimming and washing in the ancient water body. There are many ruins from the 2nd Century BC that are still more or less intact. The Buddhist movement in those centuries that originated from the empire of Ashoka had left a huge mark on Tissamaharama. The Maha Stupa and the Sandagiri Dagoba are prominent structures that still stand today. About 15 minutes northeast of the city, you can visit the Kataragama Temple, the holiest place in the region where people come to worship the god Skanda. Tissamaharama is also the best place in the country to see leopards.


If exploring old cities is your thing, you will find the city of Polonnaruwa to be the best place in Sri Lanka. The people of Sri Lanka built the city of Polonnaruwa somewhere between the 12th and the 13th century AD and it is one of the finest old cities in the country. The United Nations has declared the city as a protected UNESCO heritage site. You can hire a guide for the trip to the city so that he or she can tell you all about the history of the place. Additionally, you can soak in some natural beauty when you ride your bike alongside the Topa Wewa Lake.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is the highest point in the island nation and it can be quite a nightmare to go up the mountain if you do not have a high-powered bike. However, considering the view that you will get from the top, it is quite worth the extra money that you spend on a high-powered rental bike. After traveling about 84 kilometers, you will reach nearly 2000 meters above the sea level and throughout the journey, you will see paddy fields and tea plantations along the road. The overall ambiance of the journey will be accented by cottages and lakes that have been built in order to enhance the experience of the tourists.


This city is famous all over the world for the cave temples that have the ancient carvings of the Buddha in it. You can ride your bike from Sigiriya to Dambulla and enjoy the view of the rice and the chilli fields along the way. Additionally, there are many hiking trails along the way where you can take the covers off of your hiking boots. You can climb the 1,200 steps of the old Lion Rock fortress that was built in the 5th century BC. There are frescos that were painted on the rocks of the fortress and beautiful ruins of the palace. Another thing that will take your breath away is the beautiful view of the forests down below.


As far as ancient towns go, Kandy is a bit too overdeveloped. However, when you are on a bike in Sri Lanka and waiting for the decision to make the next stop, Kandy will be a perfect choice. You can visit the Temple of the Tooth in the city. The roads in the city are quite old and date as back as the city itself. There are a lot of other temples that you can see in the city and hilly terrains that you can explore on your bike.

There are a lot of places in Sri Lanka that can be explored on bike. Biking through the island nation is an altogether different experience when compared to the journey in a car or a train. The cool breeze that flows over the island is pleasant to the face and the many lakes in the country help the cause to bring the temperatures down. You can also drive up to the coastal towns in the country and explore the beaches in the country of Sri Lanka. You will understand the true power of the Indian Ocean when you see the waves crashing on the beaches of Sri Lanka.

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