Travel has changed my life! We’ve all heard this more than once in our lifetime from our globe-trotting friends. Stories of how someone got through a rough night traveling alone or about that long-lost friend they bumped into on a trip are all too familiar. You’ll also be familiar with the ‘how backpacking changed my life’ saga. Undoubtedly, travel is special. It isn’t just a hobby. In fact, travel is a lifestyle statement. But to really understand how travel changes your life, you must do it yourself. Only then will you truly understand how traveling the world affects life and personality.

If you still aren’t sure about going ahead with your travel plans, check our list below of the topmost ways in which travel can change your life. We’ve gathered travel testimonies from family, friends, families of friends, and all possible contacts and come up with this incredible list! Using vital bits and pieces of information from them, let us show you how travel changed their life.

“Travel means freedom”

How does traveling affect your life? Ask Scarlet, an avid traveler who reveals that one of the best things she ever did was leave home and travel alone. “Travel has changed my life! You won’t believe how awesome it can be! To walk at your pace, go wherever you want, and eat whatever you wish to is among the most liberating things about solo travel. Not having to answer to someone or wait till you agree on a plan is a huge bonus.” Wouldn’t you agree? Freedom is as much a choice as it is a right. Take that chance and experience awesome levels of freedom this year.


“It has made me more adventurous”

Little did Mike know that he would fall in love with traveling by going on a trip he never really wanted to make.“It was a trip that changed my life. My cousins were planning to backpack across Europe during their gap year. I wasn’t interested in the plan at all. But when one of them dropped out due to some reason, I had to reluctantly step in. Backpacking across beautiful places, mingling with the locals, eating delicious food, and experiencing their fascinating way of life amazed me. I’ve never looked back since and have been on several trips!”

Travel means freedom

Inspiring indeed! You see, you don’t even need to plan a trip. To be truly adventurous, just board some last minute flights to somewhere exciting you’ve always wanted to go?

“Traveling empowered me”

Sofia was a timid, shy girl who was always reluctant to make major decisions on her own. She says traveling changed all that for her. “We had some travel vouchers in hand so a bunch of my friends booked discounted business class flights for a trip to Italy recently. While I enjoyed the trip a lot, it bothered me that I was highly dependent on their travel planning and advice. So with a heavy heart, I decided to make a solo trip. I was still unsure and nervous on the flight. But once I got there, everything changed. I slowly got the hang of it and made every decision – small or big – on my own. I can now easily make plans without any guidance whatsoever! By empowering and teaching me to be independent, travel has changed my life in the most incredible way.”

“I’m not afraid of food anymore!”

How does travel change your ideas and views? Here’s an awesome example. We all have that one friend who’s afraid of eating out because “you never know what infection you might catch.” Well, when you travel, you become brave with your food choices.

Says Amelia, “I am possibly the fussiest eater in my family. I don’t eat out. I don’t even order takeaways. But that changed when I traveled to Vietnam. My husband and I chose Vietnam for our honeymoon because it fit our budget well. While I enjoyed the historical part of the trip, it was the food I was worried about. I started with the blandest things I could find on the menu. Then, I added a bit of chili to it. Slowly, my stomach got used to the delicious spice-infused food. By the end of the trip, I was ordering stuff I didn’t even understand! I went from being the-girl-that-never-orders-takeout to an adventurous gastronome in no time. Travel has changed my life and turned me into a hardcore foodie!”

“Travel has changed my life by making me an extrovert”

Andrew was painfully shy even as a kid. So when his friends decided that they should take a trip together, he was, understandably, very nervous. “We went to Cambodia. I fully expected to be cooped up at the hotel while my friends went sightseeing. Giving no ear to my protests, they dragged me along everywhere they went. It wasn’t bad at all. The trip had a powerful impact on me – maybe it was the tranquil ambiance, the friendly locals, or maybe it was the realization that I was in a foreign place where no one knew me. My confidence grew and I became an extrovert overnight. I began to enjoy traveling. I’ve been on more trips since several of them solo. There’s no plan to stop anytime soon,” he smiles.

Inspired to travel yet? These are just some of the many travels have changed my life testimonies you will come across. Do you travel? If yes, how has travel impacted your life? If you haven’t traveled yet, take inspiration from the travelers above and take that leap. Pick a good destination, book some cheap flights, and go have the adventure of a lifetime!

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