There is a traveler who exists in the heart of every wanderer and that traveler prevails to achieve more and more traveling experience from life. This is the reason why when we think about the new year resolutions of a Traveller there is only one this that comes in our minds and that is the traveling destination which is on their list which they will travel and satisfy their urge of reviving the culture and the traditions of that place particularly.

Top 4 Resolution Traveling Destinations

So being a traveler I will today share my traveling resolution this year which might also attract to the other travelers and they might also want to visit this location in 2019. Let’s begin!

Agadir Morocco

One of the most famous destinations in Morocco is Agadir, now most of you might think that what kind of traveler am I that I haven’t visited Agadir in Morocco. But let me tell you guys that last time I visited Agadir there were many things to do in Morocco and that was the reason why I missed the detail visit of rich cultured city Agadir so a detailed visit of this city is on top of my things to do in Morocco.

Madrid Spain

The beautiful city of Madrid holds the intense depth in it, the more you think that you know this city the more it reveals itself to you. The reason for choosing this city is that I have never been here and I really want to travel and discover the magical city of Madrid. No doubt it has been transformed but still, the atmosphere of this city is just mind-blowing and most admirable one.

Istambul Turkey

Istambul is going to be another destination where I will travel this year because this place holds the immense love for me. My best friend who traveled to the US for education and my class fellow went back to Turkey so I am going to visit this place just for visiting her and enjoying with her in their typical Turkish style. One more thing their shops and the local food in Istanbul and all the mosques here are remarkable so this city is offering me a complete package. This is the major reason why I would love to visit this place in 2019.

Abu Dhabi UAE

Now we all know that Abu Dhabi is an eternal destination for fun and enjoyment, who don’t want to see the port of Abu Dhabi and travel the whole world? At least I am in included in one of those people who love to travel to UAE and do immense shopping there. Especially in Abu Dhabi, there is much left to discover and purchase whenever I go there. So yes for buying stuff and chasing the new designs in several brands I am going to travel here as well. There is going to be a fashion show here which I am going to attend in 2019 for sure!

Its always said that what has already happened was past and where you are living is present and your present mindset justifies your future. I think where in life we should aim for love and settled life, there should be another thing which a human need, change in the air where we breathe to refresh us. Only those people who understand my point will make some plans of taking themselves out and enjoy out of their hectic life schedules. So these people can also select some of the places from the destination included in my resolution, I won’t mind!

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