All of this and much more is now possible will the all new revamped Peel Smart Remote App, which brings together the twin world of entertainment- live TV and streaming of videos in one place! All you need to do is to sync your television with the app on your phone, and you can wave goodbye to every other remote control you ever had. All major TV brands, air conditioners, and over 600 set-top box providers are supported by the app in India alone, making it one of the truly universal remote control apps around.

How to set up?

Depending on whether your phone supports Infrared blasting or WiFi, the setting up is done in two different ways.

A) For IR supported phone:

1. Download the Peel Universal Remote app from the play store
2. From the drop-down, select the brand of your television
3. Next, choose your operator/ channel provider
4. From the button generated on the app, switch on the TV
5. In some cases, the fourth step needs to be repeated till a correct button combo is found, but rest aside, they are plenty of options to choose from
6. Once the setup is complete, use the mobile phone as your remote for the Television set

B) For WiFi supported phone:

1. Download the Peel Universal Remote app from the play store
2. Turn on the Wifi on your phone, and use it to search for the device you are trying to connect
3. Once the device is located, press connect
4. Once the setup is complete, use the mobile phone as your remote for the Television set
5. The exact configuration of the remote is updated on the app

So what exactly is new?

Well for starters, everything!

The Peel TV remote app works like magic, helping you solve all your TV entertainment needs. The revamped app brings together online content and Live TV on one screen, making it all more fun for the viewers. Read on to discover why you need the Peel App on your phone today:

1. You get to ditch the remote: Well, the basic perk of using a mobile phone as the alternative for your conventional remote is that you can avoid those bulky pieces of hardware that have to be replaced regularly and cannot be personalized. With the Peel universal app, each family member can personalize their own remote.

2. Watch more of what you love: The app records your viewing habits and comes up with more show suggestions of things you like to watch. It is like having personal TV recommendation personnel, who knows what you love!

3. Binge watching shows: The app has inbuilt access to several online platforms including TV shows, YouTube Movies, and Netflix. Just tune into your favorite TV Series and binge through the night

4. Ease of operation: Not enough can be said about the ease of operation. The app is designed to replicate the exact physical remote of a device/ model and when you shift to using your mobile in place of a conventional remote, you can continue using the old buttons to control the TV.

5. Better, richer entertainment experience: The Peel universal remote app is entertainment in a box. The TV screen that was originally meant for watching live TV can now be converted into a screen streaming content from all over the internet. As video entertainment sector booms, the Peel app addresses the complexities of the landscape with more content out there than ever!

Enjoy streaming online content with Peel Universal Remote:

TV shows and movies on YouTube were the first content to be available on the revamped app while more streaming video providers were added eventually. The streaming service of the all-new revamped Peel App allows the viewers to surf through TV series, movie collections and news channels on a variety of channels including Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu among others.

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