What is the usefulness of AI in Digital surveillance


Artificial Intelligence has many applications across various sectors. It is one of the best upcoming technology that is widely used and accepted. Artificial Intelligence Video Surveillance is now getting common, as more people are realizing the strength and powers of Artificial Intelligence. As the application of AI is many in surveillance and security sector, its benefits are also endless. Many companies are currently AI to powered their surveillance and security team. From facial recognition to motion detection, AI can do it all with just a camera.

How it Works

A typical AI-powered digital surveillance consists of various computing and working parts. The video capturing unit- the camera is installed at the point. The camera is installed at a point where it covers the maximum field of view. The video captured by the camera is transmitted to the server room through the local area network. As the feed is transmitted in real time, the server room’s computer has the AI model which processes the incoming video stream. The entire video is broken down into multiple frames, which the AI model uses to analyze. The AI model carefully looks into each frame, recognizing every object. Then the Artificial Intelligence model compares each frame and detects anomalies according to the way it is programmed. For example, a motion detection software will detect any motion in its field of view. 
All this is done in real time, and the computer usually takes less than a second in analyzing each frame.

Benefits of AI in Video Surveillance

1.      Stop Theft and loss- Video surveillance cameras that are equipped with Artificial Intelligence can help reduce and stop acts of theft and vandalism. Video cameras installed in public places can be programmed to ring an alarm if it recognizes an act of vandalism in its field of vision. These cameras can also be installed in your homes. Installing a video surveillance camera at your front and the back door will help keep trespassers at bay. If your Amazon packages get stolen from the front door, installing an Artificial Intelligence powered camera will help reduce theft as it can program to alert you or ring an alarm if the package is removed from its sight.

2.      Easy Installation- Installing these AI-powered is quite easy. Since these cameras are just normal cameras that have a good picture quality, the AI model is the brains of this whole operation. The installation process is easy and short. The video is processed by a computer, which usually has the AI model installed. The computational power of this computer should be high, as will deliver results faster.


3.      Reduces operational costs- AI in Security Surveillance helps reduces the operational costs of the company. Not only does it protects the premises from theft, but one can also replace human guards with AI-powered cameras. And since all the streams can be viewed from one place, it reduces the operational cost.

4.      Improves Productivity- Artificial Intelligence can also be used to increase the productivity of your employees. Surveillance cameras can be programmed for mopping detection, making sure that your domestic help cleans the room properly. 

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