Printing sometimes will be dull or too bright and may not look good, it can be due to a variety of problems or malfunctioning of HP printers. So, it is essential to troubleshooting the printers, in order to resolve the issues. Generally, the print quality problems are caused in the Inkjet printers.

Tips for print quality problems

1. Use only HP cartridges for better results.
2. Photo paper gives high-quality results.
3. In case if the normal paper is being used for printing then it is necessary to turn down the quality of printing so as to avoid the scattering of ink on the paper.
4. In case if users are using Windows 8, then they can proceed to change the print quality by searching the printers using the search bar.
5. Now select the printer and right click to choose printing preferences, then check the print quality options to adjust them perfectly which are present in the drop down menu then click on ‘OK’ button present there.
6. Now, just check out if an ink is present in the cartridges or not and depending upon requirement replace the cartridges.

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Basic troubleshooting steps

How to print a diagnostic page

  • The best idea is to print on a sample paper for testing the quality of print at first, on the letter sized paper.
  • A setup button appears on the front panel of the printer, then just tap on the tools option.
  • Now from the menu that appears just click on the Print quality report.
  • Then check for the results from diagnostic pages.


  • First observe the color blocks present on the test page, if the colors in the blocks are shaded or freaking then cleaning need to be performed.
  • Move to the ‘Setup’ icon present and press tools after that on the clean print head or clean cartridge option.
  • There will be 3 levels of cleaning in most of the printers, it gives on-screen instructions, and at each level of cleaning, the sample page is printed.



  • Alignment also matters in the print quality, which is clearly displayed in the diagnostic pages.
  • If lines in the diagnostic page are crooked, then it needs to align the printer.
  • In the new model printer’s click on the setup menu, then tools then align the print head.
  • Then the sample paper will be printed.

Replacing parts

  • The most important thing to replace is the print head if it is within warranty period contact HP.
  • If the printer comes with separate print head and cartridges, then check out if the print head is replaceable.
  • Then open the printer and see for the lever that is present on the print head, which represents whether a print head is replaceable or not.
  • In case if cartridges are to be replaced, then replace it by peeling off the protective tape present on it.
  • Even, if still, the problem persists after replacement of print head and cartridges, then contact HP service.

If you have any query related to your problem you can directly contact on HP Printer support phone number (+1-844- 585-4521).

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