Are you an Outlook user and looking for an appropriate solution to convert OST file to PST manually? Well, most of you do the same. But, do you know what are the consequences you may face while implementing conversion manually. Thus, in this write-up, we are going to discuss the top 6 reasons to avoid manual procedure from OST file to PST migration. Initially, go through the entire article to learn more.

Consequences Faced By Users in Converting OST File to PST Manually

In this segment, we will let you to why you need to go away from free solutions of converting OST file to PST. Here, explained 6 Points. Have a look:

  • The Exact Exchange Account is Required
  • Unable to Convert Corrupt Offline OST File
  • It is a Time-Confinement Procedure
  • Non-Suitable for Novice Users
  • Unsystematic Migrated Data
  • Root Cause to Data Loss Issues

Let’s Understand In A Descriptive Manner

Sometimes, users are unaware of the disadvantages of manual technique. Free does not mean always free most of the times, you may have to pay something valuable than it. In this section, you will get the descriptive information about the limitations behind the conversion from OST to PST manually.

The Exact Exchange Account is Required

Mainly, if you are trying to perform conversion using any free technique. So, initially, you need the same exchange account. You cannot access an OST file with an another Exchange account. It can be accessed only with the original Exchange account that was utilized to generate it. It is somewhat inappropriate to saying that only the primary MS Outlook users can migrate their OST files to PST file format. It is one of the prime disadvantages of manual OST to PST conversion.

Unable to Convert Corrupt/Orphaned OST File

The Microsoft Outlook email application is unable to open corrupt OST file properly. When Exchange is down, even users cannot regenerate an OST file to supplant the damaged ones too. In such circumstances, the manual OST to PST conversion procedure becomes almost hopeless and inconceivable. So this method to convert OST file to PST manually will not work.

It is a Time-Confinement Procedure

The manual method is much more time taken as compared to an automated solution. Basically, the time depends on the file size which one you need to convert.

Non-Suitable for Novice Users

Conversion from OST file to PST format is not that much easy as it looks like. Only some of experienced Outlook users or technical professionals are willing to try it. Because it comes with a highly technical interface. So, it getting tough for non-technical users.

Unsystematic Migrated Data

After completion of the conversion process, it displays the migrated data into the unsystematic format. You will also realize that some of the data is missing and the structure of the emails is not pretty good. This can be tiresome for you.

Root Cause For The Data Loss Issues

The free method to convert OST file to PST manually is quite tedious and there is no shortcut is available. So, you have to execute the entire process as it is. Moreover, it does not provide any surety to data security and integrity thus, you may lose your important data.

Expert Solution to Migrate OST File to PST File Easily

In case the user won’t be able to convert OST file to PST manually or facing some issues in migrating the data then the user can preferthis Best OST to PST Converter application. This tool is programmed with some amazing features and functionalities. Mainly, it consists an understandable and user-friendly interface. So, a non-technical user can also avail it without any hassle. This provides auto-locate and bulk export OST to PST with search all & selected drive. Moreover, this converter utility is come with two versions demo and paid. So, with the help of a free version, you can understand the working of this software in a better way. Thus, you can get the software via visiting our official website.

Thoughts That Users Share About This OST Converter Tool

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It’s Time to Wrap Up

After analyzing the limitations of this method to convert OST file to PST manually. Utilizing a third-party software seems to be the secure and reliable option. So, go ahead with the one of outstanding application like OST to PST converter and migrate OST file to PST format within a few clicks.

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