LG produces quality appliances to satisfy customers. They rate among top 10 best refrigerators because of quality reasons. The freezer at the top has one wire shelf with plenty of room to keep your food frozen. The door has 2 bins so there’s some extra storage there. The unit is frost free which is essential these days and saves any clearing up of built up ice. The refrigerator has 3 glass shelves which are spill safe. At the bottom are humidity controlled 2 crisper drawers which are ideal for loose vegetables.

The door has 2 bins of which the bottom bin will hold a gallon and other large bottles. There’s a dairy compartment within the door. The interior light helps you see your food clearly. The optional ice maker is available at extra cost so if you can afford it and would like that feature then it’s something to go for. Overall LG refrigerator is a great full size budget freezer refrigerator that should serve you well.


Samsung is a good value top freezer refrigerator. With this sort of appliance you can always rely on the brand and here they don’t let you down. This is a slightly smaller apartment size refrigerator that can be used anywhere really. Frost free means no icy build ups to clean up in the freezer department and it lets you save maximum amount of time in an effective way. The Shelving can be organized to hold a variety of foods, which play a major role for users to enjoy maximum space in an easy way.

Refrigerator has an innovative can dispenser and allows people to enjoy the advanced feature from time to time. most of the people prefer to use Optional electronic ice maker could transform this appliance into a great household product to use for a long time.


Whirlpool are one the largest companies in the world making a range of products. They’ve been making appliances for many years and are one of the brand leaders in North America. Whirlpool is very careful to make sure their appliances are as useful for their customers as possible. Every feature is thought of to make sure this is true. The same is for this refrigerator which is a good value product that will take care of your food.

The freezer at the top has one adjustable wire shelf and there are 2 door bins so you have storage there too. The defrost is automatic which means it’s frost free so you don’t have to manually clear up ice every so often. The refrigerator has 2 adjustable shelves which gives you room to organize your food. At the bottom there are 2 crisp drawers to keep vegetables and the like.


The door of the refrigerator has 4 door shelves with one of them being able to take tall items like bottles. There’s also a can dispenser system on the right which will hold around 8 or 9 cans and is a fantastic way to store these bulky items. The optional ice maker may please some and is available for just extra cost. Overall the Godrej produces a good refrigerator that should be particularly useful around the kitchen.

Godrej is one of the reputed brands in the market, which has been offering appliances based on the consumer’s requirement. this makes them special in terms of satisfying consumers to the maximum extent from time to time. It is highly recommended for people to check for the right set of models before finalising on the product becuase it play a vital role to use it for a longer span of time.


MItashi may not have gained a lot of customer base in India by selling refrigerators, but they have a good market value in terms of customer satisfaction among other appliances. it is a known fact that indian consumers prefer to look for a brand, which offers both durability and performance at the same time. As people look for energy rating in the electronic appliances, it is necessary to look for a model with high level rating from time to time.

Mitashi is producing top class refrigerators for a long time without compromising on the budget or functionalities on a regular basis. it is highly recommended for people to check and compare other modesl produced by other manufacturers in the country becuase it gives them a fair idea in terms of cost and the market from time to time. it is a known fact that every user prefer to buy a model, which gives them maximum amount of performance without affecting the budget. Mitashi offers right set of models, which can be picked up and use if for a longer time without making a huge difference in terms of performance and durability in an effective way.

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