Do you know that you can easily find the criminal with their fingerprints? Of course, you may notice these things in cinemas. Have you never thought who specialized in digital fingerprinting? FBI is the only department handing fingerprint database to offer an end-to-end solution to all issues. It is highly helpful when you are speaking about the pre-employment background checks. Read this post to know everything about the fingerprint-based background check.

What is fingerprint-based background check?

Usually, the fingerprint-based background check is performed by cross-referencing the applicant fingerprints with the database. Gone are the days when fingerprints were taken by pressing the inked fingers onto the paper or fingerprint card.  Later, these cards had to be sent to the experts who would compare it to available fingerprints in the database.

The entire process consumes more time, which accurately about one or more weeks. We should be thankful for the development of technology because it let us capture the fingerprint of any person within a few seconds using the scanner. The digital fingerprint is not only reducing lots of messy involved in the process but also obtaining more accurate and faster prints.

Do you include fingerprinting in your background check program? Well, the applicant should visit the kiosk to have their fingerprints scanned. Then, the prints will be transmitted to the FBI electronically without any delay so that result will be obtained within 24hours. However, keep in mind that you will not access all the criminal information about the print.

Know the common misconception about digital fingerprinting

Take a glance at the reasons why you should not rely on the fingerprint background checks.

  • Fingerprints are not collected during the arrest
  • The database is incomplete
  • Even the information on the arrest is sent, it is a final deposition ever make it
  • The system was never intended to be accessed for background screening

How fingerprint background checks actually work

When a print match finds in the federal system, it will quickly generate the rap sheet. This sheet contains CHRI (criminal history record information) including arrests, military service, records of federal employment, or none of above. In case of a returned rap sheet, you have to do rap sheet reconciliation. This review section conducts searches for missing data, police records, and federal, state, or country. Upon getting complete information, a decision will be taken, which means the employer decide whether or not disqualify the applicant.  Typically, the background screening company or employer performs this process.

Does the company still utilize fingerprint background checks?

As per the National Employment Law Project, millions of applicants every year ask to submit their fingerprints to qualify for jobs. Most of the employers in fields such as health care, education, security-sensitive,and childcare positions use digital fingerprinting services. In fact, local or state law enables the people who areapplying for these positions should submit their fingerprints mandatory for the background screening process.

Is it reliable to use fingerprint checks?

The use of fingerprint for background screening is not as reliable as you think because it gives a false sense of security to employers and might keep jobs from the deserving candidates. The fingerprint database is flawed so that it is not suitable for a complete background check.

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