If I want to change my mobile phone and I want to sell my iPhone this is where searching a new phone game started. If I am an apple loyal customer and my first search will be to find my iPhone. Latest and new iPhone that will be my first thought. Well as if new, the latest addition of apple is phone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. a very hard decision to take. In order to sell my iPhone, it will give me enough money to which I can add a few more and buy a new one. The story of every iPhone users.


Let’s see the different aspect of both mobile phones so that it could a give a chance to every buyer who is struggling with buying phone decision that which iPhone to buy, or how to find my iPhone. This is the question of every iPhone loyal customer who is in a hurry to buy a new phone, or should I say the iPhone.

Display Comparison

Well, the very first aspect that could entice customer is the display of both mobile phones. iPhone X has the dimension of 5.8-inch 19 with the ratio figure of 5:9. Which is quite big then simple iPhone but if you are looking for a big screen then you cannot neglect iPhone 8 plus as the dimension of iPhone 8 plus is 6.24 x 3.07 and the ration of like iPhone X 16:9. A pixel of iPhone X is 2436 x 1125 were as if wee the pixel of iPhone 8 plus 1920 x 1080 which make iPhone X with higher screen resolution. iPhone 8 plus has almost the same screen technology as the previous production of iPhones. But iPhone X marking its way to new directing to have OLED. OLED in visual terms has much more spark then normal LCD as it has high contrast ration along with power saving. Both iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus support HDR in it. which makes them equal. The game changes when it comes to the design of both phones. The replacement of button with Face ID is a lot to digest for many iPhone users because that button was a symbol of the iPhone and not having the button actually making them lose their loyal customers.

Unique Features

Face ID unlocking is giving many complaints about being slow and not recognizing phone which makes their user think of iPhone 8 plus with the legendary button. The removal of bezel above and bottom of the screen is giving a new and classy look to iPhone X. phone 8 plus remembering its tradition still keeping button and bezels in it. there are many users who are complaining about picture and video shrinking and not being capable to play it on the whole screen but Apple did try their best to work on the complaints. But this things actually made their customers to have a look on iPhone 8 plus even just for once. The speakers of iPhone X is louder than iPhone 8 plus. iPhone X only gives two colors silver and space gray but iPhone 8 plus additionally give gild too. The back of both iPhones is aluminum glass. The performance of both iPhones is almost similar as both are having Six-Core CPU with Six-Core GPU, they both contain M11 motion coprocessor along with3GB RAM. Well! all the complaints about iPhone X for not having a reliable Face ID that unlocks your phone and whole shrinking of pictures and videos, iPhone X camera is there to make it up for their loyal customers by giving the best camera for any smartphone.

The Mega Pixels of both iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X is same back having 12 MP and selfie camera include 7 MP and having HDR in both iPhones. But the change occurs in iPhone X in having optical image stabilization (OIS). And the portrait mode of iPhone X gives a room for pixels which will not blur out no matter what. The telephoto lens in iPhone X has a faster aperture which makes it, even more, better in low light. The battery charging of both phone also differs, iPhone X has a lot of stamina to charge it a lot faster than iPhone 8 plus. But the stamina to bear the battery is almost equal of both phone X and iPhone 8 plus. Which again makes the equal. The main difference is the prices of both iPhones. if I have to sell my iPhone then I have to a much more money to buy iPhone X because of its higher rate and if I have to sell my old phone UK then unlike iPhone, it will give me less money and I have to add a lot more money to buy an iPhone X. iPhone 8 plus is also expensive but still it is less than iPhone X.


If I have a chance to buy an iPhone and I have an option to choose between iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus then my preference would be iPhone 8 plus for many reasons. The money, I have to save less money than for iPhone X. the iconic button or the face ID I have to choose between both of them then I will definitely give my vote to the iconic button. The button is like the representation of the iPhone and to give up on that by being a loyal customer is not an easy task to do. Next to the camera quality, well, of course, iPhone X have all the votes and there is very less chance to compromise the camera but iPhone 8 plus still has a better camera than any other phone. It is not that bad that it can change my decision. Not a fast charging phone but serves equally to iPhone X, I can live with that. I am fond of the horizontal camera position that all iPhone caries unlike iPhone X which is vertical, which gives me another reason to buy iPhone 8 plus.

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