McAfee total protection 2019 UK: Key Product Features that makes it different


McAfee is a known name in the antivirus platform. There are millions of users around the globe who have been satisfactory using the services of McAfee Antivirus software. McAfee Total Protection 2019 UK is the latest antivirus software from the company.

The latest version of this software is loaded with certain features that have been introduced for the first time and makes it one of the most advanced anti-virus and computer security network in the world.

Discussed below are the unique and key features of McAfee Total Protection 2019 the UK


This feature enables users to customize the levels of protection that they require. It helps to block all suspicious internet activities and incoming traffic that could be potentially dangerous for the device and can also steal all your data. The best part with the personal firewall is that it monitors all interaction that happens between your device and the internet and blocks all malicious interactions by applications send to you with the intentions of invading your privacy.

Site Advisor for Safe Searches

This feature enables you to protect the end number of devices that you would like to be connected together. It won’t be wrong if we say that McAfee Total Protection 2109 UK is a one-stop solution for all your devices – computer, laptop, tablet, mobile and even wearable and from one single simple-to-use console. You just need one subscription and it will cover all your security needs.

Total Protection from Spam

It is a unique feature that has been incorporated in this latest version. All incoming e-mails are auto directed and it detects the potentially dangerous ones that try to expose your device to malware and trick you letting all your confidential information. It stops the Spywares that pose a threat to your device and allows third parties to access your data. It does not allows suspicious e-mails to reach your inbox.

The True-Key Feature

An advanced feature that allows sign-in only via passwords or fingerprints or facial recognition. You can take advantage of the password locker feature to store your password locally in the device and synchronize it with your profile. It automatically syncs all the devices that you are using within the same network.

Shields Your Mobile Device

This feature aids you with some outstanding facilities like back-up and restoring your mobile device’s data at one place and even deletes all your personal information in case you have lost or misplaced your phone. You can even create a centralized McAfee account and locate your lost device and even locking it if needed. The capture cam feature sends you details of the location of your lost phone along with a live pic of the thief.

Protect all your mobile apps

Make your device absolutely personal to yourself only. Don’t let others access your apps by locking them with pin access. Control all the personal data and the device that an app can access and change. Make your phone lightning-fast by closing all the unnecessary apps running in the background and also save battery power.

There are several other features that have been added in the latest version along with the mentioned above like fast and easy access, family safety features and protection for unlimited devices. The latest McAfee antivirus protection is truly the best yet.

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