How To Hide Text Messages On Android Lock Screen


The lock screen is usually a convenient location for the notifications that you receive from your apps. It’s straightforward to look at, even once the device is latched, permitting you to stay data from your phone while not perpetually having to unlock it associated open an app.

But your methodology of usage might produce a scenario wherever you’d like to not see notifications regarding text messages on your lock screen. Luckily this is often a setting that you can tack, thus continue reading below if you’d prefer to take away text message notifications from the lock screen of your automaton candy phone.

User Privacy

Privacy is maybe one among the most significant considerations for many automaton users, and as automation devices have gotten higher at storing information, you would like to form sure that your data is safe. Whereas on-line instant electronic communication is sort of fashionable on automaton, heaps of individuals still use SMS as the way of communication and wish to be told a way to hide text messages on android.

If you’re trying to find the way to cover your incoming SMS and MMS from the default electronic communication app on your automaton device, continue reading to seek out however you’ll be able to defend your text messages.

Phone Lock Screens

Android phones do feature lock screens to lock everything on your phone. However, it would be annoying to enter the pattern or parole when you wish to use your phone. If you’re okay with folks accessing alternative information on your phone apart from SMS messages, then the strategy mentioned below is that the first possibility.

Instead of keeping things straightforward and within the default location, sensible ol’ Sammy determined to maneuver things around a touch. Whereas slightly annoying, I’ll concede that it genuinely makes a touch a lot of sense wherever Samsung puts this option: within the Security menu, wherever alternative lock screen choices area unit found.

How to Settings

So, the primary factor you’ll need to try and do in jump into the Settings menu by knocking down the notification shade, then sound the cog icon. You’ll be able to conjointly get to that by heading into the app drawer and choosing the “Settings” icon.

Even if the smartphone is latched, the notifications area unit still is shown and might be viewed by anyone viewing your automaton smartphone. If you do not need that, here’s a way to hide the content of bound or all notifications in Android:

Open the notifications settings in the automaton

Start by unlocking your automaton smartphone and gap its Settings screen. A fast thanks to trying this is to tug two fingers on the smartphone’s screen, from prime to bottom, and so faucet on the gear icon from the drawer.

You sneakily unlock your phone to ascertain what the fuss is about—and similar to that, you become one among those that can’t keep their hands off their handsets, even once there’s a flesh-and-blood person ahead of them. Oh, which message on the screen? It had been a promo for a half-off sale. Great.

The good news is that your automaton phone or iPhone boasts a series of tools that may assist you to think about the those that matter, instead of being distracted by random calls, messages, and alerts.

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