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E-commerce is a growing platform in which new technologies are coming in which are there to make the shopping experience more amazing. There are many platforms which are used for shopping like apps, emails, and social media. But how these companies are able to communicate with the customers so instantly and efficiently? No doubt there has been a gradual increase in these kinds of technology. The technology which is in demand nowadays is chatbot technology. So if you have entered this business recently, then you must have come across this word often. 

Since this bot technology is still developing, many users find it difficult to install in their system, so here we are to help you and guide you about this chatbot technology in brief.

What is chatbot?

In order to simulate a conversation with human users to complete some sort of service, a computer program is used which is called chatbot. Gone are the days when you have to have a human user on the other end of the communication for any service as this technology is giving some major business goals in e-commerce especially. They are the automated programs that answer queries, handle requests, and give certain actions with anticipating human thinking and decision making. As in today’s fast-paced world, the consumers want the response to everything at a lightning speed, so this is the true reason for increased the demand for chatbots.

Types of chatbots

Rule-Based chatbots: The chatbots which work on the basis of the set of instruction given to them are known as rule-based chatbot. They are not able to give answers to everything they have been asked as they are programmed to give the answers to the consumers as per some set of rules; they are less advantageous than AI based chatbots.

Artificial Intelligence bots: As the name is telling, these bots work on the basis of artificial intelligence. These bots learn from the experience which they get by answering the questions from the end users. These bots are created by analytics and integration which are performed to feed the AI. This makes sure that the bots can answer correctly every query and question which they are asked.

Advantages of bots

24×7 Support

Some business demands the 24×7 Support and having the customer based service all round the clock could be an expensive option. With these bots, you can rn your business all the time. Indeed the 24-hour support is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction.


Reduced costs

The use of chatbots services in healthcare industry is growing at a very fast pace and the reduced cost can be one of the reasons behind this. You can have a saving of substantial amount of money which you are spending on your customer service team. 

Product guidance

There are many products which are available on the e-commerce sites and the consumers might get lost in the huge maze. So these bots can customize the search for the consumers and get the things which they are looking for.

So, the future of chatbot development India seems very bright. Adopt this and take your business to the top heights.

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