7 Amazing Features of Modern Home Security Systems


There might be a time in human history when no security systems were required. The homes were safe and properties were secure without any locks and surveillance cameras.

At present we are struggling with street crimes, burglaries, home invasions and vandalism. According to a report by FBI, 58.3% of burglaries in USA involve forcible entry into the buildings. It is estimated that a break in occurs within 60 seconds. Homes with security systems installed discourage the break-ins as confessed by most of the burglars and intruders.

Despite the awareness among common people, home security often solely depends on front door locks and intercoms. Most of the people are too busy to schedule repairs if they find any damages with the intercoms. It is suggested not to delay repairs and hire professional intercom system repair companies in Queens NY right away to stay informed and alert.

It is a common concern that weather one should bother about high end security systems of homes. You may not install some spy-level cameras at every nook and crook of your home but need of the hour is to install a fool proof home security system.

After all, the security of your loved ones and dear home deserve to be on the top of your priorities. It is not necessary that it will cost you an arm and a leg. The most important factor in keeping homes secure is to keep up with maintenance.

Here I will be discussing 7 amazing features every modern home security system must have. There is no specific reason for the order of features in the following list. Each feature has its due proportion of importance and functionality.  

Monitoring Cameras

The advances in technology have made surveillance quite easy and effective. Miniature megapixels videography by the modern cameras is providing us with live or recorded videos.

The crystal-clear results, such as that of HD cameras, helps you to keep an eye on the vicinity and stay alert. Feed from modern cameras can be viewed from anywhere in the world with a working internet connection. This allows users to stay informed even when they are away.

It is important to install the cameras to capture footage from the main entryways and exits. It should serve the purpose of deterring away the intruder as well record it clearly. 

Highly Sensitive Alarms

The basics are fundamental. So, alarms are the must haves of security systems. Long gone are the days when your burning toast could trigger the fire alarms. Modern alarms have much more sophisticated sensors based on ionization and photoelectric technology.

Few of the common alarms are the fire, water and carbon monoxide alarms.  whereas high-decibel alarms ensure that no break-in goes unnoticed. 

Motion Detectors

Another important feature is the motion detector. It is a device which selectively detects motion of people. Modern motion sensors allow users to be more energy efficient along with the security.  It uses optical, acoustic or microwave sensor technologies to detect motion.

Cutting edge technology has allowed to integrate motion sensors and cameras in order to observe the motion on screen.


Intercom system costs are minimal as compared to the benefit they provide. You might be deterred away by the apparent prices but the installation of intercom system significantly improves the security of your property.


It lets you communicate instantly with the house members. It comes in handy when you need to go out while leaving your children at home.  

Window and Door Sensors

Door and window sensors are crucial parts of a modern security system. A huge variety of sensors is available in market to meet your needs. They are much more sophisticated than the older versions.

It is comprised of two components. One is attached on the door or window whereas the counterpart is mounted on the frame. The circuit is complete when the door/window is closed. They are mostly the wireless alarm systems providing an extra layer of security.

Some versions can even send you text messages or emails in case an intruder enters. 

Wireless Technology

In all of the above-mentioned features, the underlying technology which has worked wonder is the wireless technology. Cords and wire limit us. Use of wi-fi technology and internet has enabled us to operate control panels by sitting hundreds of miles away from it.  

Secure Locks

The most essential line of defense is provided by secure door and window locks. deadbolts and solid doors are still the best arms against intruders in modern security systems. Other than timely intercom system repairs, invest on reliable locks.

Modern home security systems include various components working together. It includes both the physical installation and individual practices. Technology has revolutionized home security systems and made them much more secure and dependable.

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