5 CD and DVD Storage and Organisation Tips and Ideas


Nobody likes throwing away their old CDs and DVDs. Having to throw away your old faves because you’re perpetually out of storage space is heartbreaking. There is, after all, a reason why a disc enthusiast decides to safely stow away a CD or a DVD for later.

But we also have to remember that the discs we so cherish are kind of fragile. They may come off as durable, but they need to be handled and stored with care if we want them to last. It takes only a tiny scratch, a direct ray of sun or a dust speck to damage your disc. Discs are also made of material sensitive to moisture and temperature extremes.

So how do we keep our valuable discs safe and functional despite space and clutter issues? The answer to that lies in finding safe, efficient and wallet-friendly ways to properly organize our discs.

Here are 5 CD and DVD storagetips to help you get your collections sorted:

Label Your Discs

Ever gone through your stuff to find a random unlabeled disc? Not only is it frustrating and inconvenient, but it also wreaks havoc on your disc. That is why we recommend labeling.

If you have a huge disc collection and you want to keep it organized, labeling each individual CD or DVD can help. Neat little labels can save you a lot of time and energy. That way, you won’t have to dig through a pile of identical CDs or DVDs to find a particular disc.

Having labels and indexing your collection also reduces your chances of losing or misplacing discs. And labels are an absolute must if you are stowing away your collection for a long period of time. Otherwise, how would you know what’s what?

So how do you label your discs? Regular pens and permanent markers have rough tips that can damage the surface of your CD/DVD. That is why you should use special round-tipped disc pens to write on data-storage mediums. CD/DVD pens are a safe choice because they have permanent ink (which doesn’t leach) and soft tips (that don’t leave scratches).

To label your CD or DVD, hold it around the edges and gently scribble your code or label onto it with a permanent disc marker. Wait for the ink to dry and you’re good to go!

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Store Them Upright

Stacking CDs or DVDs atop each other is not a good idea – especially if you have a huge collection. Discs are sensitive to pressure and storing them horizontally means there is uneven pressure on their surfaces. This can cause major damage, breakage, and warps.

If you want to store your CDs and DVDs properly, you should store them vertically or in an upright position, much the same way you place books on a shelf. Some people prefer CD or DVD shelves but if you want something more compact in shape, try a  CD and DVD wallet carry case.

Wallet carry cases, fashioned out of either nylon or authentic leather, are embedded with plastic sleeves in which you can store your discs vertically. Wallet cases are also ideal for transportation and carriage because they are spacious (capacity ranges from 48 discs to 500), robust and compact in shape.

Replace Paper with Plastic

When it comes to CD and DVD storage, anti-static plastic sleeves are a definite improvement on paper sleeves. Paper sleeves often have rough surfaces that can leave scratches on the reflective surface of your CD or DVD. Paper sleeves are also not suitable for long term CD storage because they tend to crumble into dust.

Plastic sleeves also called poly sleeves or pp sleeves, are usually either made up of or lined with anti-scratch material that offers optimal protection to your discs. 

Poly sleeves are made of durable high-strength plastic so you won’t have to worry about them crumbling. They will also protect your CDs against moisture and spillages.

Try Specialised Jewel Cases

If you are planning on storing your discs for long, consider investing in plastic jewel cases. Jewel cases are specially designed to protect CDs and DVDs against dust, damp, scratches and other externalities.

Plastic jewel cases usually consist of a grooved and lined tray and an upper lid. The center groove grips a disc into place and prevents it from getting scratched. The upper lid often consists of a transparent sleeve for labels and artwork.

Special jewel cases are available for CDs as well as DVDs. It is important you pick the right ones for your disc. To check whether a jewel case fits, place your disc in it and check if it is properly gripped by the middle grove.

Use a CD/DVD Storage Box

Not only are they compact and aesthetically appealing, CD and DVD storage boxes are also robust and highly capacious. CD and DVD storage boxes can hold up to 500 discs safe.

Crafted from high-quality metal and lined with poly sleeves, CD/DVD flight cases are perfect for CD/DVD organization and storage. Most of such cases are made from high strength and lightweight metals such as aluminum. That makes them portable yet strong. There is a wide range of disc storage boxes available for you to pick from. They come in various colors, shapes, capacities, and designs. So, if you want your collection safe, tidy and organized, invest in a storage box. Your discs would thank you later!

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