We all have faced those embarrassing moments when we get beautifully wrapped holiday gifts and don’t have anything to gift back in return. Yes, you can rush to a supermarket to buy gifts in no time but you may not get the right deal and don’t have enough time to choose the best products also.

Then what will you do at that moment? You may think about shopping a great piece of gift online but online shops won’t deliver your products in a few minutes.

Shopping and storing gifts for holidays will be a great idea. Holidays are at the corners and you will definitely need a few decent pieces of gift items for your loved ones.

Before investing money on buying gift items and stock them for later we must follow few tips.

  • The durability of the product – When it comes to stocking things you must know if the product can be stored for a long time or not. For example, if you want to gift food items and edibles you must look for its expiry date.
  • Stocking instructions – Every product can be preserved for a long time if you follow the storing instructions.
  • Look for the best deals – You will need to buy multiple items for gifting purpose these holidays and you must look for the best deals to save some bucks.
  • Exchange facility – Now this is something you must look for. If you can exchange the leftover products and buy something worthy after holidays then it will be great no doubt.

Here I have made a worthy list of top 10 gifts to buy and stock for gifting them later.

1.Gaming Console


Video games just love. Yes, you can play games on your smartphone but playing a game on Nintendo Switch is a different thing.

Gaming consoles are made for intense gaming which cannot be done with smartphones. If a person ever had played games on gaming console he/she will love to receive a gaming console from you these holidays.

2.Google Home

The smart home assistant such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Triby etc has gained huge popularity in a very small time. Artificial intelligence had got a technology boost and had influence our everyday gadgets a lot.

Google Home is a smart speaker developed with AI and can be operated wirelessly through voice commands. This smart device is developed to control other smart home devices and create a wireless network of smart home devices to perform household tasks more conveniently and easily.

3. Drones

One of the most innovative gadgets of 21st-century drones is simply awesome. You can gift yourself a quality camera drone if you want to capture aerial photos and videos.

Drone camera provides a completely different dimension of photography which was not possible before. You have to spend a little more on buying camera drones but trust me these gadgets are worth of your every penny.


Wireless or wired earphones are hugely used as gift pieces from many years. If you don’t want to break your bank and want to go with cheaper gift options then wired earphones/headphones will be a great choice.

Wireless earphones are a little bit expensive and provide excellent convenience to the user. Wireless earphone will be an excellent piece of gift for a fitness lover and a person who loves to listen to music on the go.

5. Bath Bombs

Nothing is more relaxing and calming than a hot bath after a long day. Bubbles are old, bath bombs are enriched with essential oils which takes your bathing experience to a completely new level.

Easy to store the bath bombs can refresh and energize the receiver and will provide a smoother experience.

6. Portable Chargers

We own a lot of gadgets these days compared to the 80’s and 90’s, LOL. Running out of power will not be a great idea because our daily gadgets become almost useless once discharged.

A quality portable charger can solve this problem but how about gifting a great portable charger these holidays? It will be a great idea.

Most of the top gadget manufacturer offers portable chargers at an affordable price and you can charge almost every of your USB devices using these portable chargers.


No don’t have to buy expensive jewelry for gifting your loved ones; small and great pieces of jewelry can be purchased under $10. The best part of jewelry is that it can be stored easily for a longer time.

Not interested in traditional jewelry? Doesn’t worry you can go with holiday-themed and funny pieces of jewelry this year even you can buy unique jewelry for pets too.


Smartphones are one of the most purchased gadgets these days and no doubt these pieces of modern marvels are also used hugely for gifting purpose.

No matter what’s your budget there is countess option available in a varied price range. You can spend money on iOS, Android or Windows smartphones and stock them for gifting on holidays and birthdays.

9.Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless speaker is one of the best gift options for almost every age group. No matter if you want to purchase a gift for a teenager or a person enjoying his forties, a quality Bluetooth speaker will be a perfect piece of gift item for them.

The best part of these Bluetooth speakers is that some of them are also waterproof. Some of the Bluetooth speakers are specially designed for outdoor activities such as this JBL clip waterproof can be clipped easily with your backpack or clothes during adventurous tours.

This JBL flip speakers let you make hands free phone calls too. With 8 hours of playtime, the JBL Bluetooth portable speaker can be your favorite outdoor and indoor companion.


Kindle is the newest and most innovative way of reading books. If the person whom you want to gift something these holidays is a bookworm then there will be nothing better than a Kindle for him/her.

This digital form of the book has been very popular in a little time among the readers. A classic Kindle set is loaded with 100+ books and provide extra convenience for the people who love to read books on the go. With Kindle, it will be very easy to read books of different genres in one place.

With two days of battery, backup Kindle can be a better gift option for this Christmas.

Holidays, festivals and birthdays fills us with joy and helps us in creating some moments with our friends, family members, and other loved ones.

Gifts are not just a piece of things wrapped in colorful paper; gifts are the source for showing our gratitude and love to the receivers.

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