All of us might be familiar with the concept of LED lights. In the domain of online lights shopping in India, it has gone on to become a major revelation. You ought to consider that it is the latest fad in the field of lighting. The sad part is that most people are not aware of the benefits associated with LED lights. With considerable reservations, they think of switching over to traditional light sources. Though designer lights online India might be a deterrent, benefits outnumber the negatives of such lights. A lot of advantages are associated with LED lights that you might not be even aware. Below are compiled some of them for your handy reference.

Energy efficient

The main reason for making a switch over to LED lights over traditional light sources is that it proves to be energy efficient. Less amount of electricity is consumed in comparison to a traditional light source saving substantially on energy costs.

In low voltage supply, it works

As mentioned it requires less amount of electricity to operate. Another point to support is that LED lights operate at low voltage. For this reason in rural areas LED lights are a popular option where the supply of electricity is fairly restricted.


If you think breaking a LED bulk is easy then thinks once again! In comparison to the traditional bulbs which are incorporated with filaments and glass LED lights do not have filaments. In the case of voltage fluctuations, the filaments can damage the bulb. With LED lights there is an inbuilt chip that protects the device from voltage fluctuations. In hindsight, the product becomes more durable.


The choice of LED bulbs could get no better as it is eco-friendly. You can recycle it as no toxic chemicals are used in the production of the bulb. This makes it a reasonable choice to switch over to LED lights.

Safer option

What normally happens with normal bulbs is that they get hot within 30 minutes of being switched. This could be harmful. With LED bulbs this is not an issue as even after hours of operation it does not become hot.

Longer life

In comparison to the traditional light sources LED lights to have a longer lifespan. The average life of a LED stands out to be around 40000 hours and this could even stretch beyond that. In comparison, a traditional light source could serve you around 5000 hours at the most. It would be really difficult to beat the numbers of LED lights.

Designed in an articulate manner

With LED s you can design them as per any shape or size based on your needs. For full control or dim, you can put off the color or the distribution part of it.

Considering the fact that people are making a switch to alternate sources of energy which in turn helps them to conserve energy. No wonders to the fact that LEDs have become popular and gone on to replace the traditional light sources.

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