With winters enveloping the other half of the world, it’s time for the Asian countries to experience the chilly winds penetrating through their clothes and giving chills to their spine. On a personal note, I thoroughly love this season not just due to the variety of food items we get to relish but also the variety in clothes that we get to wear. But for most of us, it becomes a difficult task to look sharp while staying away from catching a cold.

At the back of their heads, people tend to think that woolen clothes are too much for their body, but that is just a myth that is going to break in a few minutes. If you have the right set of clothes on your body and some matching accessories then nothing can restrict you from looking “Elegant”. Anything you wear can be paired with a branded sunglass or a wristwatch. One can find many branded sunglasses online because most of the companies have their products on exclusive sale.

Moreover, there are a lot of cool collections that a lady can get to look stunning. Now if you are still wondering that how can both these things be possible at the same time, let me tell you “This is the right place for you”.

With many others, you can just check the Craftsvilla ladies collection of dresses and accessories. Here are a few outfits that you can try on yourself this season.

Tuxedo+ Sleeveless overcoat+ boots

Who said simple cannot be fabulous. Just try this out where you wear a sleeveless coat over a tuxedo and pair of ankle boots would just go fine alone with them.

Pink color will make you blush

Yeah! You heard it right. With everything being cold and white around you, it is the perfect time to wear something that will be flashy to other’s eyes. Something like blood red or pink. Ladies, you will completely blow up the mind of the guys around you. And trust me, when they compliment you for your dress, “You will surely blush”.

Leather Jacket+ a full sleeve top+ flared jeans

One of the leather combinations for winters that girls can adopt is a full sleeves shirt, layered with a leather jacket and dark blue flared jeans. Isn’t it a mind-blowing combination? Yeah, I knew you would agree with me.


Heeled boots+ Turtleneck sweater+ Belted overcoat

Now, this is what I call, “Classic”. Something so elegant can be worn by girls even during the winters. If someone says that only summer clothes make you look classic then let them have a second thought. For that, you need to wear a turtleneck sweater with a belted overcoat on it. To go along with it, you can definitely choose to put on heeled boots.

Leather jeans with a Quilted jacket

Girls this is the right time to take out your leather jeans and put them on. To make it look flawless, you can wear a light shade top and then a quilted jacket on the top. It sounds so cozy and perfect to me.

Printed dress

Gosh! How possibly can I forget to suggest printed cloth? With denim jeans, you can wear a leather jacket and sneakers. Obviously, under your jacket, you would be flaunting your printed t-shirt. And don’t forget to compliment your dress with shades.

Muffler with a black dress

Who does not like a black dress? Every girl likes to wear a classy dress that makes her look gorgeous. And wearing a black dress with a muffler is one thing that can do the trick for you.

• Fade up your Faux Fur

Turning towards the vintage style, you always have an option to wear a Faux Fur on to of a shirt and a pair of faded jeans along with leather shoes.

Now there are many more combinations that you can try out for yourself during this winter season. Because change is the new good. So, when it comes to fashion, keep innovating and keep trying. Happy winters and happy fashion. Let this winter and your partner see your gorgeous side.

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