Air-Filled V/S Helium-Filled Balloons


Balloons are known to one of the popular objects that are used for decoration. We all know that they are versatile, because of being available in different colors, designs, and shapes. But many do not clearly understand what the key points of difference are in these variants. In this blog, we are going to discuss how the helium ones are different from the air-filled ones.

If you want to purchase these items for an event you will be hosting in the future, you will try out the air or gas balloon, depending on your needs and requirements. With the information we will provide here, you will be able to make an informed decision. As the budget is an essential factor in any event, you will have to keep that in mind even when you pick out stuff for decoration.

How Long Do They Last?

There are few variants of latex balloons that are known for having a special coating that helps in increasing the lasting time. It will mostly be somewhere around nine or ten hours. When you look at foil balloons, the material is much harder, which can keep it afloat easily for three to four days. The gas options could be highly durable if the right materials are chosen.

When you look at the air-filled variants, you cannot trust their afloat timing. If they are taken outside, the contact with the sun can make it quite vulnerable. Therefore, it is a factor that needs to be kept in mind before making a choice.

How Much Do They Cost?

The bouncy balls are quite versatile, which means they will be available in various price ranges. However, the helium variants are known for being much more expensive than the regular ones with air. It is because they can last longer, and they are very attractive as well.

If you have a budget that can be extended for better decoration items, you may want to consider having helium balloons for your party or event. It is particularly true for a fancy occasion or party. However, if your event is a low-scale one, there is nothing wrong with the air-filled options.

How Do They Differ Based on Density?

The two options are also different when it comes to density. Helium is considered to be lighter. As it is a noble gas, it can easily float in the air and provide a very aesthetic appearance. It is a great asset for parties, especially when you want to add an element of fun and drama.

How Do They Differ Based on Shape, Graphics, Size, and Design?

Balloons can be found in several different styles, and you can customise the options by adding written messages, designs, and graphics to it. The gas ones are known to be much more creative because they float in the air and can grab the attention of the people very easily. When you look at the air-filled variants, you will not find them in many shapes such as animals, characters, or people.

These are some of the common differences you may find in these two types. Keep them in mind when you plan on buying balloons for the next event you may host.

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