Many centuries passed before inquisitive researchers asked themselves a question: does an adular mirror lose the properties of iridescence of light over the years? What determines the intensity of the decorative effects of the gem? How did the mineral deposits form?

Mount Adoul and the Mons-Adularis mountain range that “sheltered” it has not long been considered the only location of Adulares. Stones of similar chemical composition, similar (in this case it is difficult to talk about complete identity) of a physical structure and equivalent in aesthetic expressiveness are found on all continents of the Earth.

Mineralogists carry adular to feldspar. The Ceylon spar deposits of gem quality were once considered abundant. Good gems brought from India. True, the colors of Indian stones are not always convincing. Mountain formations of all continents are to some extent rich in feldspar.

However, in many cases, alien minerals appear under the guise of an adula. The similarity between samples is limited by minimal external similarity. In the amateur gemology environment, products from dissimilar formations are often referred to in the same way – “moonstone” – although by right the name “moonstone” belongs only to adular.

Mineral parameters

Adular refers to aluminosilicates of the potassium spar group. The accustomed names are orthoclase, moonstone. The chemical formula of the compound is K (AlSi3O8).

Physical properties:

  • hardness up to 6.5 units on the Mohs scale;
  • density about 2.57 g / cm3;
  • colorless, yellowish, greyish, with a clear blue glow;
  • crushed white;
  • glass shine with pearl tints;
  • opaque, but translucent;
  • on a break is uneven;
  • fragile;
  • the refractive index of 1.525;

The effect of pleochroism is absent.

The ability of a translucent stone to iridescence (see numerous photos of the adular) is determined by the density of microscopic ingrowth of albite into the crystalline feldspar massif. Particularly thin plates of an adulare exhibit the ability to asterism (often one-ray).

Formed adular from silicate melts characteristic of areas of active volcanic activity. The mineral crystallizes when the magma cools to 650-700 ° C. numerous cases of growth of adula crystals in the medium of superheated aqueous solutions of oxygen-containing silicon and potassium compounds are noted.

Deposits and varieties of adula

The most interesting specimens of adula were found on the territory of gold ore mines in Russia. Gold nanoparticles are a natural admixture in the composition of feldspar crystals mined in the Urals and Siberia.

Chukchi deposits of gold give intergrowths of the crystals of the adular with native splashes of noble metal. Often feldspar contains silver.

Baikal Adulyars amaze with the beauty of pearl reflux. In the Irkutsk region there are moonstone crystals up to 20 centimeters in size! However, the giants’ gem quality is small: the Irkutsk adulars are fractured, often contaminated with brown iron oxides, and show little iridescence.

Minerals issued for adular

Due to the common optical properties, some minerals are visually similar to adular. Belomorite is a close relative of adular, also feldspar, but not orthoclase, but plagioclase – has the same pearlescent shine. However, the color of white ceramics is more intense, it shows blue and green tones, the color of sea wave.

Rainbow Labradorite is also plagioclase, and is also often similar to adularia. The presence of a large amount of impurities colors labradorite. Adular is more reserved, stricter, nobler than his colored relative.

Other types of feldspar (albite, microcline) also have similarities with adulars, but in terms of gem-quality the    y are not compared with the famous gem. The individual varieties of chalcedony are similar to the adular color and the degree of transparency, but this type of quartz does not show irization.

The similarity of unsuccessful batches of synthetic spinel to adular looks like a curious thing. The features of artificial growth of spinel crystals led to the appearance of microbubble inclusions in it. Craftsmen from the jewelry industry immediately dubbed the laboratory marriage a special kind of moonstone – and not unsuccessfully sold off a large part of the stock…

This adular is rare and therefore already valuable. Impeccable gem quality gemstone is found only in isolated cases. That is why you should not be surprised to see an adular price of ten, one hundred or even five hundred dollars.

Healing properties of adulara

For the healing properties of the adular to be fully manifested, direct contact between the stone and the person is necessary. It doesn’t matter how you wear a jewel with an adule – like a worn charm, ring or earrings – the main thing is to ensure, if not a constant interaction of skin and gem, then frequent touches.

The principle of action of adular on a person can be called destructive, however, it is a question of the destruction of painful manifestations. Over-stimulation of the nervous system, both psychogenic and organic, is the scourge of modern times. Wearing an adular soothes a person, relieves irritation, relaxes, helps to “disconnect” from worries.

The antistress factor of the moonstone is so powerful that lithotherapists recommend wearing an adular even for epileptics. Good gem and in the prevention of sleep disorders. By promoting rapid sleep, he deepens the dream, prevents too early awakening. Dreadful dreams recede if visual and tactile contact with the adulator has become a habit with the person.

Esotericists carry the precious moonstone to the element of water, and healers note: adulyar is the first assistant in urolithiasis. It helps to get rid of salt deposits in the joints and in the bile ducts. Adular removes stagnation, activates the lymph and blood flow – especially venous.

Recommended moonstone and for those suffering from hormonal disorders. Optimizing the drainage of tissues, normalizing the electrolyte composition of the blood plasma, adularis most positively affect the processes of humoral regulation of the body. Of course, the stone is not able to return to a person the inherent reactions to a young age – the accumulation of cellular replication errors has an effect. However, the moonstone helps to normalize the life cycle.

The magical properties of adulara

Use adular in magic rituals should not be. First, the spiritual power of the stone is manifested not in creation and stimulation, but in dissolution and relaxation. Adulyar – not an assistant in achieving goals; Adular helps to avoid, leave, smooth, level. New age metaphysical products are the best option for you.

Secondly, the moonstone is entirely subordinated to the rhythm of movement of the natural satellite of the Earth. In the period of the full moon, the lunik (the common nickname of the stone) is most effective. Old or emerging month dramatically reduces the effectiveness of the gem. Dependence on the night luminary is not a fully explored and not fully understood magical property of an adulera…

Zodiac Cancers and Pisces can count on help from an adule on any day of the year. It helps the stone and Taurus. However, the rest of the signs should be careful in dealing with the shimmering gem, and Lev and Sagittarius (to a lesser extent, Aries with Capricorn) should be dispensed with adular jewelry.

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