There are so many different types of rituals that; take place in a Punjabi/Sikh wedding. People can take help from elite premium matrimonial services to find the best bride and groom according to their choices.

What do you mean by pre and post wedding rituals? Pre-wedding rituals are those which take place before the wedding and post-wedding rituals are those that take place after the wedding.

Some of the different types of pre and post-wedding rituals that occur at a Sikh wedding are given below:

  1. Rokka: This is the starting ritual of a Sikh wedding. In this ritual, the families meet each and fix the engagement ceremony. Both the families gift the bride and groom so many different types of things.
  • Mangini: This is a ritual in which Shagun of bride and groom is done. Both the mother’s gift money, dresses and jewelry to their son-in-law and daughter-in-law. This ritual is also known as the pre-engagement ceremony.
  • Engagement: This is the most important ritual of a wedding. In this ritual, both the bride and groom exchange their rings and tie in a relationship and announce the people that; they are going to be husband and wife soon.
  • Mehndi: In this ceremony, Mehndi is applied on the hands of bride and groom and this is a ceremony full of fun and enjoyment. Family, friends, and relatives of bride and groom sing song and dance a lot on DJ’s. Along with Mehndi and Sangeet, Jaggo also takes place. In Jaggo, people collect oil in the pot and enjoy by saying boliyan and dancing on Dhol.
  • Haldi/Vatna: In this ritual, haldi is applied to the face of bride and groom. This is a ceremony that; takes place just one day before the wedding ceremony. After this pre-wedding ritual, Sikh/Punjabi marriage take place. There are so many rituals that take place on the day of the wedding. Girls can take help from elite matrimony groomsto find the best groom as their life partners.
  • Viddai: This is a ceremony in which the girl is sent to the groom house in a well-decorated car and after reaching the house, the bride is welcomed by the mother-in-law to her new house. This is a ceremony, which is followed by Mooh-Dikhai ceremony.
  • Mooh-Dikhai: This is a ritual in which all the nearby people come to see the bride’s face and gift her so many gifts and bless her for her better future. After, this ceremony reception takes place. Reception is a party that; is given to the people who were not invited to the marriage. This is a ceremony that is organized by the groom’s family.
  • Pag Phere: On the fourth day, after the wedding this ceremony takes place. This is a ceremony in which the bride goes to her mother and father’s house. She is gifted so many dresses, money, jewelry, accessories. A treat is also given by her father and mother to the bride and her husband.

These are the different types of rituals of a Punjabi wedding.

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