Things Only People Who Love Makeup Will Understand


For the past couple of years, we can observe that makeup has transformed into a whole new level. Makeup has been with us through ages, even in ancient times, women squashed berries and swiped the stain on their lips. And now makeup has been all over the media hearing about eyebrows, contouring, blinding highlighters, and matte lipsticks. All of these things that only makeup lovers will understand.

#1 You can never skip filling in your eyebrows

You always get annoyed when people tell you that you shouldn’t fill in your eyebrows! Well, of course, we are aware that there are some people that fill in their eyebrows like crazy squares. But if you’re a certified makeup lover, you understand the right way of filling it can make a person look 5,000 times better. Your eyebrows should frame and they should be defined.

Plus, you know this technique of taming full eyebrows by spraying hairspray on a clean disposable mascara wand and brush your brows up, then into the shape you want.

#2 Binge-watching how Jaclyn Hill apply her makeup.

Makeup lovers normally spend their free time watching beauty videos on Youtube. Some people think that it’s bizarre and pointless, but believe them, it’s not.

#3 You can fit all of your makeup in one tiny makeup bag.

It’s unbelievable how you can gather all of your makeup in one convenient bag, yet you know that you can’t live without your excessive makeup collection.

#4 You consider yourself a makeup expert.

When your family and friends ask you for advice and suggestion about all sorts of makeup brands. Although you’ve never attended a beauty school, some people see you as an expert (even if they know you are not) and you start acting like a professional makeup artist when someone asks you something they’re not sure about when it comes to makeup.

#5 You cringe so hard when someone wears too much bronzer or blush!

As a makeup addict, you can help but to cringe somehow on some people who wear their blush like it was their last. You don’t laugh at them when they look like a clown, instead, you can’t help but be concerned.

#6 You feel silly how guys say they like it better when girls wear no makeup.

Girls? Let’s just pretend that girls aren’t really wearing makeup when they are (although some don’t). But for makeup lovers, what’s “natural makeup” for? And how about their celebrity crushes, well, they’re just caked faces just like the rest of all makeup lovers.

#7 Your happy place on earth? The makeup store.

You understand the struggle of knowing how you can’t control yourself when you’re inside Ulta or Sephora. You can never walk out of the store empty-handed and you are never contented!

#8 You can’t still master those fake lashes.

It’s the most frustrating thing to apply! You need to have a complete concentration to successfully apply fake lashes. And if you fail so many times, you would still try.

#9 You can’t count how many eyeshadow palettes you have.

Even if you have so many eyeshadow palettes, you would still get the newest one. Although you won’t use up all of your eyeshadow in your lifetime, you’ll still justify getting another palette.

#10 You’re in a good mood when your eyeliner is on fleek.

When you get your eyeliner to match on the first try, you know your day is going to be extraordinary. This is a rare event and when this happens, it calls for a celebration!

#11 Your makeup brush collection is just, WOW.

Other people might only have 4 brushes on their makeup kit, but you? You have a hundred of them! All of your brushes have their own unique purpose your makeup routine.

#12 It’s always tricky to pick the lip colour you want to wear.

Since you most likely have all kinds of lip color under the sun, it’s always been a struggle to pick out what lip color to wear for the day. Plus, you still have to choose between lipstick, liquid lipstick, satin, gloss, or matte finish. So extra, right?


#13 You feel anxious when wearing bold lip colour.

You always bring a mirror handy with you every time you’re wearing a bold lip because you’re scared if the lipstick stains on your teeth or it smeared all over your face. Remember that it’s a bold decision to wear a bold lip colour.

#14 You wear makeup for fun and you feel good about it.

You clearly understand that just because you wear it, it doesn’t make you less than anyone else or less confident. Makeup lovers get passionate every time they’re in front of their mirrors where they can be creative and artistic.

So for all fellow beauty lovers out there, we’re allowed to wear bold, fun makeup looks. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel bad for loving makeup.

Live Young Live Free!!!
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