Super and Amazing Birthday Party Ideas for Kids


Birthdays come once a year and so it has to be a grand affair. It should make your kid super duper happy and so you have to plan the birthday according to the wishes of your kid. Birthdays with themes are a lot more happening than normal birthday parties.  After years you will realize your kid is not really a kid, so plan your kid’s birthday party extravagantly so that he can enjoy to the fullest his special day. Thus we are here with super fun and amazing Birthday Party Ideas for your kid’s upcoming birthdays.

1. Gaming Party

A gaming party is a best birthday party idea for teenage boys; they would have recently started enjoying video games and play station. So you will require gaming accessories and gaming console for a gaming birthday party. For party favours you can give the kids personalized gaming dude t-shirts. They would definitely have great time together enjoying with their favourite crew. This is also a treat for your own child as you would have many times unplugged the gaming console while they are playing so this is the best way to make up.

2. Movie Party

This classic idea never goes wrong, now when the kids are older they love enjoying movies. You can create a set up in your backyard or in your living room and provide them the list of movies they want to watch. Dim the lights provide them snacks like popcorn, pizza and beverage and they will have great movie party. You can also arrange for cosy bedding so that they would have wonderful movie experience at this birthday party. They would have great time enjoying their favourite movie with their best pals.

3. Sports Party

If your child and his friends are more excited for outdoor games than indoor ones, having a sports party is the best idea. You can take them to a sports club so that everyone can enjoy playing their favourite sport. If you have a big playground near your place gather all important sports equipments for various sports like cricket, football, volleyball and other games. You should keep first aid kit handy so even if anyone gets minor cuts easily can be taken care of. Also provide the kids safety gears like helmets and knee pads so that they do not easily hurt.

4. Pyjama Party

This is universally the most loved girls birthday party idea. Girls’ love staying in together with their friends and talk, gossip, dance, do each other’s makeup and what not. Thus this is our top pick for a girl’s birthday party. For this party, you will require comfortable bedding for the guests, decorate their room, and provide them extra nail paints, plenty of snacks and drinks so that it can last the whole night. You can also have board games and other girls makeover games so that these besties would have the best time together.

5. Pink Teepee Sleepover Party

This is an upgraded version of the sleepover party. You can decorate your child’s room with a few tepee tents and give the girls feel of camping. These teepee tents should be decorative and colorful so the kids can click nice pictures and have a memorable birthday party. You can arrange for movies, get homemade popcorn, music, dancing, etc. Girls would be so excited looking at the arrangements and would thank your girl. You can give them adorable socks and an eye mask so that they would have good sleep. They should be provided with good bedding and soft rug.


6. Coco themed Party

This is going to be the most colourful party, you can add more colours everywhere and it turns out to be the best. You can use colourful balloons and flowers for the birthday decor. This theme is inspired by Disney Pixar movie. You can have colourful mats if you are arranging the party in backyard and the centre table should also be decorated with colourful cake and other birthday party accessories. You can also decorate the succulents as party decor and have colourful placemats and sugar skull masks on the dining table.

7. Dragon Party

If you want to for any unique birthday party, go for this Games of Thrones inspired Birthday party theme. You can get dragon like wings that is the colourful capes for the kids to wear. You can have dragon egg cookies and cartoon like dragon illustrations. You can also decorate the surrounding with wild flowers and also order a nice ombre cake that goes well with the birthday party theme. This is going to be the magical dream of dragons for your child as well as all the kids.

We hope these super fun and amazing birthday party ideas will give your kid and his friend’s good time for their upcoming birthdays.

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