There are so many religions in the world. Therefore, all religions have different methods of doing marriages. Some of the people follow so many rituals whereas some people follow a little number of rituals.

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Some of the common rituals that are followed by people in the wedding ceremonies of different types of religions are mentioned below. Let’s check them out:


  1. This is a ritual in which people meet the families and do matchmaking of the boy and girl by seeing their stars, planets and many more other things. This is a ritual that is known by different names in different parts of the world.
  2. This is the first and most important ritual that is done before deciding about the marriage and the dates of the rituals. This ritual is followed by the ritual of Shagun.



  1. This is a ritual in which both the bride and groom to be are gifted so many things in the happiness of fixation of marriage. This is again one of the most important rituals held before the wedding ceremony.
  2. This ritual is referred to as Shagun because all the necessary items are gifted to the boy and girl. Therefore, this ritual is followed by the ring exchanging ceremony.


  1. This is a ritual in which both the bride and groom to exchange their rings to tell the friends, family, and relatives that they are going to husband and wife soon. This ritual was started from the western culture.
  2. On the other hands, all the people invited to enjoy the wedding with joy and fun. These days this ceremony has become one of the important rituals. Therefore, after this ceremony Sangeet and mehndi ritual takes place.


  1. Sangeet is a ritual in which all the people gather and do a lot of fun and enjoyment. All the people dance to show their happiness. On the other hand, the bride and groom area applied with Mehndi on their hands.
  2. This is one of the oldest rituals that is followed by people in the wedding ceremonies. This ceremony is held just one day before the wedding.


  1. This is a ritual, that is held on the same day as the wedding. Therefore, this ritual is known by different names in different parts of the world.
  2. In this ritual, people apply fine past of turmeric on the bodies and face of the bride and groom to be. These are some of the rituals that take place before the wedding ceremony.

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