Mother’s Day will be incomplete you don’t present flowers with your gifts, for everyone knows that flowers are essentials. Given below are some of the blooms that are not only meaningful in its nature but would also become a great addition to your gift!

Orchid – strength, thoughtfulness

Mothers, undoubtedly, are thoughtful – they think of everyone who are under their wings. Not only are orchids a symbol of fertility, but they also represent wisdom, charm and strength. Do you, then, really think, that there are any better flowers to represent mothers other than orchids? Orchids are already used as a gift most of the times, so why not utilize them at Mother’s Day too? If you find all the above-mentioned qualities – which I am sure she does – then don’t waste anymore time in choosing which flowers to give and which not. That decision is already made for you – get a bouquet of orchids!

Tulips – purity and beauty

Tulips are one of the prettiest flowers ever seen! It represents confidence and energy, with a touch of vibrancy and a little sprinkle of grace. If your Mother is that dashing persona, vibrant and enthusiastic in her approach of life, then you know which flower to settle on. Tulips will not only match her personality, but it will also be a symbol of how you see you mother and how it has made you love her. If you want an extra layer of appreciation, have your local florist arrange these tulips in an artistically placed arrangement!

Stock – Rich fragrance

Stock flowers have a rich, sweet fragrance, and it will be enough to remind your mother how she has given a new fragrance in your life!Just as the stock flower’s fragrance envelopes the people near and dear to it with love and warmth, the mother’s presence also envelopes the people around her. Gift her a bouquet of these blooms and she will absolutely love the surprise!

Chrysanthemum– Hardworking

Chrysanthemums are one of the best flowers to represent hard work and practicality. If your mother is the problem solver, the one on who you can depend on, the most cheerful, the person you know, then these flowers are meant for her!

Rose – Relationship

Roses are, rightly so, the King of the clan! And there are so many of them to choose from – yellow, red, pink, even black; take your pick. Each of the colors have different meanings, and once you have found them out, make sure you take the right one of them to gift to your mother. If you see your mother as your best friend, then it is the yellow rose – and so on. If you can’t decide on which one you would love to give her the most, then it would be better to pick a bouquet of mixed colors of roses and have this roses delivery done to your Mother on this Mother’s Day!

Daisies – New Beginnings

Daisies mark new beginnings, why, you ask? Because you find them blooming at the start of the summer. Quite symbolically, they ‘start’ the spring! Daisies can be, therefore, very ideal as a present to be given to a new Mother. Daisies are known to spread the joy and happiness, and this Mother’s Day, give this joy to your mother as well. Daisies come in different colors and patterns – choose something which will really appeal to your mother and her personality.

Alstroemeria – Graceful

Alstroemerias are cheerful little flowers, with beautiful pop of colors on the petals and fun to look at. They are those flowers which doesn’t become, in a bouquet, a main flower, but rather, compliment them perfectly. Just like your mother – who will do anything to help you shin in the world. Alstroemerias are a perfect gift for them, which you can indulge in on this Mother’s Day!

Lily – Sophisticated

Lilies exude qualities of calmness, elegance and most importantly, sophistication. If your mother is the same as these beauties, then there is absolutely nothing better to gift your mother than lilies. Quite well-known for purity and beauty, it will suit your mother if your mother is someone who is calm, beautiful and like everything prim and proper. Order flower online, and make sure that you purchase the correct lilies – either Oriental, Peruvian or Calla!


Peonies – Maternal Love

Peonies might look a bit like roses, but they are even delicate and tender blooms, representing maternal love like no other flowers. These are available in a variety of colors, and what’s more, their season is in May. Quite a good thing, as you can lay your hands on them just in time for the gift preparations for the Mother’s Day!

If your mother gets to know about how much thought you’ve put up in the decision of choosing the flowers, she might as well just love the flowers more than your original gift! Now that would be something unique and loving, don’t you think?