Although eco-critics are attracted with the effectiveness of ants to serve nature, you won’t want ants building their happy empire in your flower bed. We love flowers and ants do too. Yes, wherever you build your flowerbed ants will come uninvited. Despite they remain low in the list of pests to be killed, they are disturbing. Thus, this guide focuses on describing different ways to get rid of ants in flower beds.

Homemade ant repellents

Ants are extremely sensitive against odors just as they are sensitive to sweets. There are certain smells that repel ants away. You might experiment with ant-repelling essential oils by soaking cotton balls into it. Besides, you can grow plants that have natural ant repellent power. You can create a dense mash of hot pepper and water blending them together and later placing near ant-colony.

You might use soaked tobacco solution to prevent wet. Just drop the wet solution of tobacco over the ant and their colony. They will die slowly.

Use of Pesticides

If you think that ants are growing rapidly, you might go for pesticides to kill them. You are free to choose from liquid or granule formulas, but you need to make sure the formula contains bifenthrin which is an active Ant-control ingredient. Some ant control insecticides might work upon other insects too.

Destroying ant-colony

As mentioned above some insecticides work upon different insects. So, you might select a borax solution to destroy the ant colony. You need to mix a cup of borax with two cups of honey before placing it in your flowerbed. Ant will come and take the honey to their nests and ultimately to the Queen Ant. Borax is highly toxic elements that work slowly and will surely kill the Queen. But you need to be patient.

Keeping away from flowers:

Ants are attracted to sweets and so, are attracted to flowers and fruits having rich nectar. Although they are not likely to inflict any harm to your plants, they look ugly. You might use a sticky trap to prevent ants. You can buy a commercial sticky trap or make it in your home using adhesive paper strips to wrap it around your plants.

Removing Aphids

Garden Aphids also are known as plant lice are the favorite food of ants. Ants build their colony close to Aphids and feed on them. In turn, they save Aphids from being attacked by other insects. If you can successfully remove aphids, Ant will go away to feed on something else.

Planting anti-ant plants

It is easy to repel ants by planting natural ant repelling plants. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Marigold, Evening primroses and black-eyed Susan plants are natural ants repellent agents. Moreover, they bloom colorful flowers giving a stunning look to your flower beds.

Boiling Water Therapy: It is easy but effective. Boil a kettle of water and pour it onto the Queen. But you need to be quick as working ants will swarm in seeing their Queen in danger.

Ant’s aren’t really harmful to our flowers and flower beds. So, we recommend you to not kill them unless they make a disturbance to your flower beds. And if you want to get rid of them, simply follow the instructions above. Happy gardening!

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