One of the questions that is in trend or is the hot topic of this time is that “how to do makeup for valentine’s day?” valentine day is the day to be celebrated. This is the only day where you are out with your partners, with your girls, and with your family. So, we get a chance to all dress up that day. Have fun with your look on this valentine.

Hopefully, if you are excited to celebrate the valentine’s day and tried to search about the look you are going you opt for valentine’s day. So, this article is for you.

Sugary sweet…….

In the past few years, everyone was crazy about red lip color with false thick lashes means or we can say the vamp look was in trend.

This valentine’s day is all about going for a soft and feminine look, that’s is really make you beautiful. Try to look more girly in this valentine’s day.

Pastel pink, soft bronzes and golds, and soft shimmer will be the trendiest color for valentine’s day.

How to create makeup for valentine’s day….

So now you know which color will be the ideal or can be used for the valentine’s day. Now it is time to practice and create your makeup look for valentine’s day.

Here is the method of creating your own look.

What you will need:

  1.  Semi-sheer foundation
  2. Primer
  3. Concealer
  4. Mid-tone bronzer
  5. Peach blush
  6. Gold shadow
  7. Taupe shadow
  8. Mascara
  9. Natural looking false lashes
  10. Pale pink lipstick
  11. Vaseline
  12. Powder brush
  13. Blusher brush
  14. Eyeshadow brush
  15. Eyelash curlers

Steps for applying the makeup

  1.  After cleaning and moisturizing your face, apply primer to your face and neck for keeping your face from more polished.

Apply a little more where your pores are larger

  • Apply foundation with your finger or any foundation brush. I like to use my finger instead of any brush but it’s your choice.
  • Dab on concealer under your eyes, corners of the nose or on blackheads to cover up the flaws of your skin., this look is all about more clear or clean skin.
  • Using a powder brush powder over your face, apply very less powder on your face so as not to entirely mattify your skin.
  • Next step is contouring your face by using a mid-tone brush. Contour your face to the hollow of the cheeks, under your chin, down the sides of your nose and across your forehead. Then apply a little blush on cheekbones.
  • It is time to do the magic with your eyes. Take an eyebrow brush and comb your brows up. Tap a little Vaseline on it to keep in place and make them shinier.
  •  Apply gold shadow on the inner corner of your eyes. And apply taupe shadow to the crease of your eye. Join the crease with your lash line by creating a winged effect.
  • Use a highlighter on the brow bones to make your eye wide. Curl your eyelash and apply the mascara on the top and bottom lashes.
  •  Apply the fake eyelash and cut them so they can fit onto your eyes.
  • Apply some moisturizer on your lips and remove it with the brush it will buff off the dry skin.So, it will enhance the smoothness of your lips hence you can easily apply your favorite shade of lipstick.


In conclusion, nowadays makeup become very popular even Japan is also developed Japanese beauty products where people used to live naturally, I think makeup come from different culture. Everyone is using them on an occasion or on a daily basis. There will be no one in who is not wearing makeup in any party. Makeup is used to enhance beauty appearance. “POF Login

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