Tattoos in the very first place itself were made extremely popular by the celebrities. Few of the Tattoos in the very first place itself were made extremely popular by the celebrities. Few of the celebrities’ tattoos have become so popular over a period of time that people get inspired to either get the same tattoos or get similar tattoos at same places on their bodies.

Let’s look at some of the best tattoos on some of the most popular celebrities

Justin Bieber:

He has loads of tattoos when even counting a portrait of Jesus on his leg. Bieber’s other tattoos comprise a giant eagle on his abdominal area, a grizzly bear on his torso, “patience” written down his neck, and “better at 70” on his thigh.

He just keeps getting more.


She has got an under-boob tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis to honor her late grandmother.

She also has loads of tattoos on her legs. Additionally, to the goddess tattoo, some of her others comprises of a tattoo on her hand that is henna-inspired, one on her back with stars down, and one on her ankle that is a shark.

Johnny Depp:

He has 30 different tattoos or more, comprising of a sparrow tattoo inspired by his “Pirates of the Caribbean” character and his son.

Johnny Depp has more than 30 different tattoos, comprising of a sparrow tattoo inspired by his character.

The sparrow tattoo is an upside down version of one on his character Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of Caribbean” Depp has said the sparrow represents his son Jack, who was born in 2002. Other tattoos that comprise a tattoo on his chest with his daughter’s name, Lily-Rose, and the very infamous “wino forever” banner on his arm that used to read “Winona forever” as a mark of his and Winona Ryder’s relationship.

Cara Delevingne:

She inked a tattoo on her finger of a lion’s head.

She also has many other small tattoos. The actress and model have a few other tattoos, comprising of an elephant on her arm, a snake tattoo on her other hand, and eyes on the back of her neck.

Harry Styles:

He features a big butterfly on his midsection apart from 40 others.

Harry Styles keeps getting more tattoos. He also got two swallows inked on his chest, a naked mermaid on his forearm, an anatomically correct heart on his arm, and a cross on his finger.

Zayn Malik:

Among his great range of tattoos is one large comic.

Can you believe that he has a full sleeve of tattoos? Apart from these tattoos, others of his include a huge snake on his right shoulder and a lightsaber on his finger that glows in the dark.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:

He has transformed his epic bull tattoo, which is a better version on his old nickname of “the Brahma Bull,” into a much better version in August.

The former wrestler converted his old tattoo. It almost has taken 22 hours for the Rock’s tattoo transformation.

He also has a large Polynesian tribal tattoo on his shoulder and chest that narrates a story about his life, his ancestors, and his culture.

Hollywood celebrities have some of the best and most innovative tattoos in the world. Don’t they? Are you inspired to get a tattoo of your own yet?

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