Don’ts of Printing Cupcake Boxes Wholesale Packaging


For home-based confectioners and bakery brands, sustainable, purposeful and impressionable product packaging is important to boost sales. Without having the right kind of product boxes, they can’t hand over and deliver items like cakes, cupcakes, pastries, and donuts to the customers. Choosing a professional printer for product packaging can ease this endeavor. Once you know that the printing stock for your cupcake packaging boxes is enduring and the finishing options you picked are trendy. You can relax a bit putting more effort into making your cupcakes more mouthwatering for the potential customers. If on the other hand, you make a mistake trusting the wrong printing service provider, you can end up losing customers and tarnishing your brand’s name. Here are the mistakes that you need to avoid when getting your cupcake boxes designed and printed.

Don’t Choose Poor Quality Stock

This blunder you might not make intentionally but if you are unaware of the thickness and other features of a material, it can be an honest mistake. Picking a too light material would end up getting your cupcakes runny before they reach a customer. Do thorough research on the kind of stock options you have for cupcake packaging boxes. Check and compare various preferences before making a choice. Many printers offer a free stock book to guide their customers better on various materials. If you get that book, it will give you an insight into the basics of different stocks along with samples’ pictures for a better decision.

Don’t get too Fancy Cupcake Box Packaging

Having a funky box template can make your product boxes attention-grabbing but you need to consider other elements too. A box style that provides protection and support to your cupcakes or can hold the tray should be preferred over glamorous template options. You need to check the purposefulness of a packaging style rather than the way it looks. A way too appealing packaging style might not keep your cupcakes intact for a long time. So ask your printer to provide you box styles that are liked for their usability.

Don’t Copy Artwork for Cupcake Boxes

Don’t copy someone else’ cupcake packaging artwork, this will create a really bad first impression of your business. Be original and use your logo’s color theme and other branding details to come up with your packaging artwork. You can seek the assistance of your printer as well. Explain your cupcake business vision to give a better understanding of what kind of design will complement your products. Get 2-3 graphics samples designed and choose the one that truly defines your confectionery brand. Be original, if you want people to remember your business and products.

Don’t Forget Essential Details on Custom Printed Cupcake Boxes

When getting your wholesale cupcake box printing, make sure that you don’t miss out listing important details. Customers these days prefer to connect with businesses on social media, so your packaging should have your social media profile links. Also don’t forget to have your email, delivery and customer support contact numbers printed on the boxes. This will facilitate your customers to place their orders and track them without any hassle.

A little information about where your bakery or confectionery outlet is located and if you have more than one location will also provide assistance to the customers.

Don’t Choose the Wrong Size

Cupcake boxes that are too big or bulky are awkward to transport. More importantly, they will fail to charm the retailers who greatly their shelf space. Your customers who hate excessively large and difficult-to-carry items would also found them unappealing. Making sure your product is encased in a perfect box means will allow your customers to carry it away easily.

Also, an ideal box will keep your cupcakes safe from potential harm during transit as they will be less likely to shift around.All in all, a standard or practical size is almost always the ideal choice to package your goods.

Don’t Forget Your Intended Audience

Irrespective of how creative your packaging design is and how innovative you can get, never forget your intended audience when crafting your cupcake packaging. Why? You may end up developing a special design for certain occasion or event in order to boost your reach but a classic cupcake will only be appreciated by your customers if they are able to recognize the packaging design from close competitors.

Bear in mind that the ideal way to craft a perfect packaging solution for your baked items can be accomplished by understanding your target customers’ needs. Because only then you will be able to offer them a viable packing solution. And once you know what exactly your target audience wants, it’ll be a lot easier to target and entice them with your tempting baked goods. 


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