Shoes are the best thing to increase the impact of personality. Shoe shining is certainly an important matter to lock the beauty of the shoes. There are heaps of ways to shine the shoes with low maintenance facilities. But not all are properly suitable to polish the shoes. So, I am here to tell you about a step-by-step guide to shoe shining. Shining the shoes don’t only bring back the beauty but also it increases the longevity of the shoes.

The thing you will need

Shoes can be of different leathers such as calfskin, patent, Napa, tumbled etc. These all can get dirt, cracks, dull color etc. over time. Regular using the shoes can make the shoes unpleasant to look or wear if you don’t take care of them. Shoe shining like cleaning, conditioning, polishing etc. fills up the lost beauty and slickness of the shoes.

How to use it

Shoe shining task is pretty simple to do. Firstly, you need to clean the shoes before starting other steps. Take an old piece of cloth or paper and start cleaning the shoes. Wear hand gloves (rubber) and use a horsehair brush to remove the dirt and stain away. Gloves help you to prohibit any stains caused by your hands while applying the shoe-polish. Remove the lace before removing the dirt. You can use any shoe tree to keep the shape of the shoes natural. Don’t forget to clean the welt, sole stitching etc. too. Some people suggest using a little-wet cloth to clean the dirt from the shoes.

After completing the cleaning step of the shoes, it’s time to condition the shoes. Grab a soft brush and start applying a small amount of shoe cream. Take a couple of minutes time to rub them and let them dry. The benefit of shoe conditioning is the prevention of any crack or dryness on the shoes.

The next step is polishing the shoes. This is an important step before you do the finishing of shoe shining. Shoe-polishing products are of various colors and quality. Try them till you get the most or almost perfect one. To match the color of polish to shoe shades, collect a small soft brush. Then apply a very small amount of shoe polish to a small area and check whether it matches or not. After being sure, polish the entire area with shoe polish. Now spend some more times to dry the color. Polishing wax is friendly with calfskin or patent leather. The polishing cream is suitable for Napa or tumbled leather.

Extra suggestion

After you dry the shoes, you should buff them with a large brush. Then wipe the shoes with a towel or rag. To finish the whole process, spit shine the shoes. Take a very small amount of water with the top of your finger and touch the shoes. Then rub the shoes with the finger being wet in a circular motion. Do this to the whole area of the shoes. Wipe and dry the shoes. Remove the shoe trees if you have used. Put the lace on to ready the shoes to make usable again. Thus, you have now the shined shoes in a simple step-by-step process.

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