7 Simple Decoration Things for Kids Birthday Party at Home


As kid’s party comes closer parents feel more stressed for arranging a birthday party. There are some restrictions on the money they have to obey. So you also want to create a superbly exciting decoration. Hiring a decorator is costly; instead, follow these beautiful ideas of birthday decoration. They easily fit into your cost criteria and also help to include more fun and excitement in the party. Please take inspiration from creative birthday decoration ideas mentioned down here.

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1] Rainbow Water

Kids mostly fascinated by colors. You can add dash of color in kids’ party by using this trick. It is very simple to follow and understand. Prepare the glasses filled with colorful water. Now use these color water glasses as a vase to stand single flower in it. Decorate the cake table, center table or food table with such type of flower vases filled with water color. Pour some aspirin tablets in the water color to maintain its freshness for longer duration.

2] Embellished Party Hats

Birthday party do not complete without party hats. Instead following the same boring trend try to embellish party hats with your creative ideas. Glue some decorative less, streamers and some fun elements to highlight the birthday hats. At the end of the party give these hats as a thank you gesture so you don’t need to spend money on thank you gifts too.

3] Balloon Backdrop

Balloons exaggerate the element of fun in the party. Balloons are available in all size, color, and shapes. You can make a garland of balloons or use to make big balloons arch or use a single balloon to décor the backdrop. To make it more surprising, hide some chocolates and candies in the balloons. Kids would love to pop balloons and steal chocolates in a nice manner.


4] Candle Dressing

Mostly candles are overlooked and they just become the mean of blowing the fire and showing the age of birthday boy/girl. Here you can give equal importance to candles by decorating it with glitters. Glue some glitters, some colorful stones to give it a distinguish look.

5] Flowers on the Wall

Fresh flowers will become more costly to you. Replace the decoration of fresh flower with crafty flowers. Make paper flowers and paper fans to adorn the boring and dull walls. You can make paper flower garlands to hang or to fix as a backdrop of cake table or food table. Use some colorful pom poms and other elements to decorate the paper flowers. If you do not know how to make paper flower, pinterest will help you in showing DIY craft for it.

6] Candy Necklace Trim

The tempting necklace will impress little guests. Collect all color candies of same size. Now let the string pass through the hole of candy. Prefer those candies have a hole in the middle. Make beautiful necklaces from these candies. Now wear this candy necklace on the table cloth of cake table. Pin the necklace in the round shape. Once party gets finished let kids enjoy those candies.

7] Birthday Banner

Instead following the same stereotype method, use handmade birthday banner, either you can use printer to get different fonts of Alphabet or cut letters from books. Color them and bring them in synchronize manner. Now take string and glue that “happy birthday” letters one by one. If you wish you can decorate the sides of banner with streamers, balloons and other elements.

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With so many ideas and tricks you can delight the party space without hiring any decorator. It is a nice thing let the parents know different ideas of handmade decoration. Take help of your kids they would love to do it. By far it’s an excellent way to create a beautiful scene in so much less money. So be it to show your creativity and make your little one’s birthday the most happening day of the year.

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