When it comes to marriage, whether it is civil or religious, here’s what you cannot miss to fully live the day and keep beautiful memories

In a marriage as it should be there are things that cannot be missing. There are moments full of emotions, all to remember. Each of these makes the wedding day special, they are a sort of propitiatory rite. We start with the delivery of the bouquet to end with the “slow” of the couple, passing through the exchange of faiths, throwing rice, cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet. We tell you all the details of a special day.

The delivery of the flower bouquet:

We pack the bride’s bouquet carefully, a flowerbox protects the flowers in transport. When we deliver the box it’s an electrifying moment, the wait can be read in the eyes of the bride. When he then lifts the lid and discovers his flowers, a tear often escapes. The photographer must be quick and careful to capture that moment.

The entrance of the bride:

When the wait is now unsustainable, after a few minutes of delay as a script, here is the bride’s car. She comes down, first shows the shoe, then goes down the long dress and here it is, beautiful. He enters the church and crosses the nave arm in the arm of his father or of an uncle or a close friend. If it is a civil ceremony, however, the moment of the bride’s entrance is not missing, to which everyone is obliged to pay attention, giving her a warm welcome.
The exchange of rings:

The wedding rings are kept in a special chest with flowers, or on the classic pillow. It is a non-negligible detail, few will admire it, but the exchange of the rings is a symbol of the promise of eternal love, the key moment of the ceremony, the one where the emotion is most intense and where the mothers are moved.

The throwing of rice:

Symbol of prosperity, it is customary to throw the rice to the spouses after the ceremony. A fun and very scenic moment, a gesture with which the guests express their joy and with whom they celebrate the newlyweds.

Cutting the cake:

the cut of the cake is the right conclusion of a successful reception. Whether the cake is simple or multi-layered, cutting the first slice is the exclusive honor of the spouses … then you cannot miss a toast and a kiss.

The launch of the bouquet:

Tradition has it that all the unmarried girls who are the guests of the wedding, stand behind the bride ready to launch their bouquet. Those who can grasp the bouquet will be lucky enough to get married within a year, at least according to tradition. Who does not intend to convulse at a wedding, it is better than to abstain.

The “slow” spouses:

Started the dances, is the DJ to announce the “slow” of the couple, who can dance slow looking sweetly in the eye on the music of their favorite song. Guests around to contemplate their love and ready to applaud. After their “slow” the dances officially open and the fun is guaranteed.

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