7 Essential Fashion Tips To Follow This Christmas


Christmas is the time to dazzle and shine. Known as the party season, Christmas is the fashion sensation of the year. You see all trendy, ugly, sensational, beautiful and weird outfits throughout this season.

Care should be taken so that you don’t turn out to be one of the Christmas disaster or an out-of-trend anomaly. Style is a subject that can never be excelled! Here are some tips to be taken into consideration to look your best this Christmas.

Use Texture

Mix texture for getting some fun element to your dress or look. A black textured or netted outfit is always in trend for Christmas. A grey textured skin-fit dress with a red jacket would be a classy office look this Christmas.

Go Check-Mate with Scottish checkered or other checkered garments. Not only can you use them in shirts, but they can also be in the form of box tops or skirts or even short dresses. Red and black checkers can be used if you want a traditional Christmas touch. 

Layer It Up

You don’t always need to layer up like a Christmas tree. An outfit like that may be good but not in all forms. Shining and glamourous red or black will only do with a dress like that.

A layered crop-top over a long skirt with less or no patterns and embroidery work well giving you a calm and classy look. After all, maintaining class along with layers is important as they have a high probability of looking cheap. Layered dresses look the best when a long-form is involved; like a long gown or skirt.


Christmas is, more importantly, family time. Sharing your bond with your loved ones is the most important of all. Let’s reflect it in your fashion statement too and live this Christmas to the fullest.

Twinning dresses is crucial as you want to take the fashion requirements of both the bodies into consideration. You can go for mother and daughter matching Christmas outfits or a whole family match. The trends on these can be found on any shopping sites, or if you don’t want you can make it on your own.

Trendy Makeup

Don’t apply your normal make-up techniques for this festive season. It’s Christmas, make it special, make it different! Make-Up techniques are updated almost every week in this era. You need to be updated that what’s new for this Christmas.

Smoky eye makeup is trending nowadays. Mix that smoky eye with a shade matching to your dress. Keep that colored stroke a thin one, as a highlighter line. You may also like sparkling tattoos for your makeup. Golden silver sparkles add flair to your outfits. Just keep in mind to not go too gaudy in your make-up.

Avoid Cliché

It’s high time to ignore those red Christmas sweaters and old Santa pants. Tradition and culture are good to be carried forward but not in the same form. You need to update and renew the same traditional style into some modern stuff.

To avoid being a fashion cliché, try extreme mixing in your fashion game. Mix, rock with traditional, sparking with sweaters, sass with frizzes. Be your own fashion designer! (Caution: Don’t be a disaster while attempting that)

Add Non-Christian Traditional Touch

If you are one of non-Christian fella who is eager to celebrate, this tip is for you. Or even the ones who want multiculturalism reflected in your outfit can try this out.

You may add the flavor of your culture and traditional style to your Christmas outfit by either changing to Scottish Texture or Indian embroidery or African colors and patterns or even Indo-Western gown styles.

Be You

The main ingredient of any fashion trend is this. Be you! Whatever style you wear, wear it as you own it. Your regular fashion touch shouldn’t be lost while exploring new styles. After all, you have known your body and what it suits for a long time.


New trends and experiments are a must to adopt but a pinch of you in it. If you are comfortable in what you are wearing, it would be merry and confident Christmas for you.


You can be traditional this Christmas but you shouldn’t miss out on the latest trends. A bit of personalization, a pinch of sparkle and sleekness would make you the perfect combination for Christmas. Follow the above tips, combine accordingly and rock the fashion game this Christmas.

Live Young Live Free!!!
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