If you have a strong relationship with the written word, whether in reading or penning down thoughts, it’s a great idea to venture into content writer jobs. And one of the best things choosing this as a career is that you do not need to have an educational background specific to writing.

To start with, you need to have an aptitude for the language you want to pursue writing in. This means you must be proficient in grammar as well as in written and verbal communication. There are various areas in the industry where content writer jobs are required and differ slightly in their specifications.

Web Content Writer

In this sphere, you would take care of the overall content of your company’s website, or websites for multiple clients. This would include driving more traffic to your website through search engine friendly content and by making efficient use of targeted keywords in your content. You must also adhere to your brand’s style of communication and ensure consistency across all platforms it is presented.


If you are big on ideas and creativity, creative writing or writing copy for advertising is an exciting option. When it comes to creating an ad – be it print, digital or audio-visual – the copywriter is crucial to its genesis. Right from coming up with the idea to creating the tagline and promotional strategies, it is your responsibility to bring it all to execution by coordinating with the art team. And most of the time, you would be doing this for multiple clients and within individual deadlines. You just need one qualifier for this job: never-ending ideas.

Technical Writer

As opposed to creative writing is the more formal approach that is required in the case of technical writing. Content writer jobs have a vast scope in the technical field because a major part of it involves breaking down technical jargon for the lay reader. Writing product descriptions, user manuals, catalogs, and product blogs are the many duties in this type of content creation. For this, your position may sometimes require a degree in certain technical spheres, depending on the employer. This is required to make sure the writer is familiar with the technology-related aspects of the product or brand when creating content.

Content Writer for Marketing

Similar to the copywriter, writing content for marketing entails the role of many duties. You would be required to create fresh content for various platforms such as e-mails, corporate presentations, reports, case studies, blogs, testimonials, newsletters, and press releases. You would also be a part of marketing content and developing promotional strategies across various media platforms ranging from print to digital and social media. And, to make all this possible, you must always remain abreast of the latest trends in the market and industry.


Freelance Content Writer

One of the other great things about content writer jobs is that it doesn’t matter where you write from, as long as you write well. If you choose to write as a freelancer, you can write for businesses across the globe, right from your living room. In order to retain a steady and lucrative freelance career, you must be strong at your networking game. If you have a network of professionals to outsource business to you on a regular basis, a freelance writing career is one that many dreams of.


Today, one of the most popular and widely explored content writer jobs is blogging. Almost everyone has a friend with a blog on social media, across various areas of interests such as travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, photography, arts, and sports. As a part-time blogger or freelance blogger, you could get paid by specific brands to write blogs for their promotion. As a full-time blogger, you would write for your company’s website.

Now that you have a good idea about the various avenues available in content writer jobs, you can start looking in the direction that interests you the most. Whether or not you have a degree in literature or mass communication, this is one of the few career paths that do not restrict potential. As long as you have the passion to write, you only need to pick up the pen and start exploring.