If you are looking for a WordPress theme and in a suspicion of better theme between premium and free then here I am. We all know there are two kinds of WordPress themes. People are always worried about which one is better. Some people have the doubt in free WordPress theme again some want to use premium WordPress theme.

In this article, you are going to know about the advantages and disadvantages of free and premium themes. So you can easily consider which one is the best.

What is Free WordPress Theme?

Free WordPress themes are the themes which are listed in the officially WordPress.org Themes directory. A user can download and install the theme for free. Some people have a wrong idea that download and install themes from any illegal distributor or any unreliable sources are also free WordPress themes. But those are not free WordPress themes.

Pros of Free WordPress Themes

There are lots of advantages of a free WordPress theme. Here they are

1. You don’t need to pay

The biggest advantage of free WordPress theme is you don’t need any money to get the theme. It is fully cost-free. It has made easier to the entry of starting a blog.

A question always rises why they are providing the theme for free? People also think is there any motive of providing them for free. Actually the word free brings suspicion to anyone’s mind. But you will be happy to know that you are fully wrong about those thinking.

2. They are pre-tested

All the questions should be end having this statement that all of the free WordPress themes are tested. A skilled team and developer tests all the free theme if it is really compatible with high-quality services or not. All of them go through a regulable theme review.

The most important facts are tested before distributing a free theme. All the features, standard compliant code, HTML, CSS, and others. Privacy and security are also very admirable. The best developers build those themes and they give approval them in the official directory.

3. Reasons for giving it free

I have already mentioned that a free theme always brings suspicion. You will be clear about the fact after knowing the reason for free distribution.

Before distributing them freely they always make test. Via testing them the developers discover the bugs and try to understand them. All the features and other advantages can be more clear by creating a free theme. You can get some awesome free themes review here.

Another important reason is they are increasing their reputation by distributing them for free. So it is a wrong thought that a free theme is not good.

Cons of Free WordPress Themes

Besides having some advantages there are also some common disadvantages of a free WordPress theme. Those can be a big fact to someone and someone may take them easily. Let’s know about them and get clear.

1. Limited support

you will not get so much support as the user of a premium theme gets. You can get support through WordPress forum. Matter of sorrow that they will not provide a reply to support queries.

2. No warranties

Free themes are distributed for free and they are not providing any warranty. So if you have any problem with your theme you cannot get a warranty from the theme.

3. Common designs

A lot of bloggers and for a lot of websites free themes are used. So those designs are getting really common. So with a free theme, you cannot expect a unique design.

4. Features are limited

With a free theme, you will get limited features in it. It is true that most of the essential features are provided with the theme. You can also successfully meet all the needs as well. But some unique features are only provided with the premium theme. Those could be helpful for the users. Features like creating landing pages, creating buttons, using shortcodes etc. are unavailable in a free theme.

Here are the disadvantages of a free theme. But before that always keep in mind that you are getting it for free. Another thing you can do that you can properly ask the developers to add some extra features after getting a donation.

What is a Premium Theme

Premium themes are those which you have to buy from numerous third-party WordPress theme shops and marketplaces paying a particular budget.

I am describing you the advantages and disadvantages of a premium theme.

Pros of premium theme

1. Lots of features

There are lots of features available in a premium theme. You will get the unique and some premium feature which will be more helpful for you to build a cool website. Drag and drop page builder, unlimited colors, icons, multiple layouts and other essential features are included with premium theme.

2. Unique design

Premium themes are not so available like the free WordPress themes. Besides, you will have lots of options and features. They provide regular updates as well. So you can decorate your website more smoothly. It is also to give a unique design to your website. So with a premium theme, you will get a unique design. Here you will get some unique high quality best responsive wordpress themes

3. Premium support

The support is more in a premium theme than a WordPress theme. You will get enough help with a premium theme.

There are also many disadvantages of premium themes. I am showing them below.

1. Poor coding

It is a big problem of coding cheaply which isn’t easily noticeable. Sometimes it looks great but the standard coding is not so good and for that, the theme may not compatible with some plugins.

2. Lots of features

They are providing a lot of features that you don’t need. So you have to tolerate them as there is no way to remove. Sometimes too many features decrease the speed. You can check out some of our best WordPress hosting review for your website. And choose the best on which one you want to use.

A Final Thought

Which theme is better actually depends on the mind of the users. Considering everything I will say free WordPress theme gives more advantageous with a free budget. But if you want a unique site them premium theme should be your choice.